astrology for December 14-31

By ananur forma | Dec 14, 2013

December 12-13 Mars is awkwardly aspecting Neptune which means you need to focus on strengthening your immune system. You’re apt to feel tired, worn out at this time. This aspect will end on December 13th at noon.

December 14 you may be feeling crabby and critical of your self and others because Mars is in a challenging aspect to Saturn.

December 14-25 Jupiter is in an awkward aspect to Neptune. Be careful this aspect has to do with illusions and delusions. Do you want to be convinced of something? Are you vulnerable to being deceived because you’re feeling needy of flattery? Be careful this is an aspect which suggests that you are being conned. Living in a make believe world (watching lots of movies) is one thing because you are choosing it. But, in life where relationships are important be aware of who is seemingly so convincing. Observe your reactions to others.

December 17 Uranus will turn direct after being retrograde since mid July (2013). Now is the time to focus on inventing progressive practical ideas that could make you money. The Full Moon will take place at 4:28 a.m. with the Moon in Gemini and the Sun opposite it in Sagittarius. Because Mars is approaching an aspect to Uranus and Pluto it will dominate the energy of the Full Moon and bring on accident prone energies. The Full Moon itself in Gemini and Sagittarius is all about learning and sharing what you are aware of and how you can learn more through conversations with others who disagree with your point of view. Their perspective can open you to a vaster understanding if you allow yourself to stretch.

December 21 the Sun moves into Capricorn at 12:11 p.m. and remains in this serious, goal oriented earth sign until January 20. While the Sun is in Capricorn you can focus more on one thing at a time. Getting your goals taken care of and being productive is important and brings a certain amount of peace of mind. Capricorn people are happy when organized and productive.



December 21 Venus goes retrograde while stationed at 28 degrees of Capricorn. Trust issues are real and respect goes along with it. Be patient with yourself and know that you will know when you feel safe and trust in a new relationship, it does take time. It’s not an intellectual decision.

December 22-24 good news! The Sun in Capricorn is in a positive aspect with Neptune in Pisces which heralds in spiritual energies which can bring about healing. This is a fine time to go on a silent retreat.

December 23-25 (until 8 am on 12/25) Mars is opposite Uranus. Whenever these two planets are awkwardly aspecting each other it is always “an accident prone time.” This is because there is a lack of patience and a feeling of wildness needing to be expressed somehow some way. This aspect is also known to stimulate conflict, rebelliousness, and eruptive anger.

December 24-26 Mercury enters Capricorn at 3:13 a.m. and enters into a favorable aspect with Neptune. This combination ushers in uplifting thoughts which need to be expressed. Singing and chanting spiritual values has a potent effect now.

December 25 Merry Christmas to all of you. On this day there are aspects between planets in Capricorn and planets in Libra which inform us that change is important and not to resist it. There is some tension which needs to be dealt with and not ignored. The best aspects on this day are in Pisces (Chiron and Neptune) indicating the ability to forgive and let go of the past. Today you can decide to stretch beyond your thinking (if you choose to) and allow yourself to accept all of humanity as your brothers and sisters. It would be super fine if we all decided to take a few moments to be quiet and send out positive thoughts for all of humankind.

December 27-31 the Sun, Mercury and Pluto are all awkwardly aspecting Mars in Libra and also Uranus in Aries. This is quite the set up for eruptive actions to take place. Certainly we will be feeling the tension ‘round the world at this time. Where there is inequality there will be uprisings. These uprisings will make a future that is respectful of all people. Just how long that takes is hard to know. But the energy is going in that direction for years to come, at least until 2016.



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