Atlantic Motorcar Center
Contact: Bruce J. Howes
10 Ox Horn Road (U.S. Route 1)
Wiscasset, Maine 04578
Phone: (207) 882-9969
Secondary: 866-EURO-SPEC
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM (After-hours Pickup and Drop Off Available)
Toll Free: 866-EURO-SPEC
Fax: (207) 882-9940

Welcome to Atlantic Motorcar...Respect For You And Your Car.

Atlantic Motorcar is a family owned company specializing in service and sales for European, and now, Japanese automobiles. From our humble beginnings in 1985,  we have grown from a small two bay shop in Buffalo, NY to our current four acre service and sales center in coastal Maine.


Throughout this growth we have refined a true passion for fine imported cars. We are committed to providing unprecedented levels of honest, high quality automobile sales and service, at a fair price. Please take a few minutes to read our Mission Statement.

Safety and Reliability - Always

We are sometimes asked what makes us different, better or a superior choice to your current service facility. Simply stated, because we provide the overall lowest cost in auto service, preventing problems rather than just repairing them. We use better methods to give you the highest quality service. Fixed right the first time, delivered on time and at the price quoted.


And it's all backed by Atlantic Motorcar’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are committed to providing unprecedented levels of honest, high quality automotive service. We don’t want to see you just once, we aim to make you and your car a friend for life. Doing the right thing, one car at a time.


What We Are - Specialists

Let's face it, in today’s world, time is money. Today’s cars are increasingly complex. You don’t need someone learning how to repair your car at your expense. Here at Atlantic Motorcar, we know your imported auto, inside and out. You see, our staff has been servicing fine imported autos, just like yours, for nearly a quarter of a century. Chances are we’ve already seen it – and fixed it. Our extensive computerized diagnostic suite allows us to test, not guess, and fix your car right the first time – every time. Want to see what we do? Take a look at our Service Gallery.


What We Are Not - Broken Promises

We are not a general repair shop, you won't find a Ford parked next to your Audi, or a Chevy next to your Volvo. Rather we have chosen to specialize only in imported autos. We don’t believe that you can be a “jack of all trades” for you will be certainly be a “master of none”. You won’t hear “We can’t fix it, take it to the dealer” here, we are the shop that other shops send their “unfixable” or problem cars to, they know that we’ll take care of their customers and fix it right, guaranteed. Nor will your car be returned dirty, we clean and vacuum our customer cars, in short we respect you and your car.

You won’t find a dirty waiting room, inappropriate posters on the wall, or a surly attitude from our staff. We respect and appreciate both our customers and our staff, and believe that they deserve both professional treatment, and a professional environment to work in. Happy staff equals happy customers, happy customers equals happy staff, it's an equation which just works.


Convenience - Loaner Cars and Free Valet Service - Camden, Rockport and Rockland

For your convenience, we offer a free valet service, and loaner cars, up and down the coast.

For our local friends, we offer complimentary loaner cars while your car is in for service.

For our friends from Rockland, Rockport, Camden and north, we provide complimentary pickup and delivery service for your automobile. We’ll pick up your car to be serviced from your home or office, leave you with a loaner, and then reverse the process when the work is done. See our Valet Service for details, one phone call does it all! We can even help with towing assistance should your car not run!

Why - Atlantic Motorcar

In short, we care about you, and your car. We don't just say that, we measure it!

We consistently rank in the upper 3% of Customer Satisfaction Surveys from Customerlink.

Please take a few moments to review our Service Portfolio to discover how we can meet your needs.


For more information and to keep in touch with Atlantic Motorcar Services, friend us on Facebook.


• Fixed Right, The First Time

• Lowest Overall Cost

• Same Day Service

• Factory Parts and Training

• Free Loaner Cars

• 100% Satisfaction Promise

• New Car Warranty Services

• 2 Year Nationwide Warranty


Service: 207.882.9969

Sales:    207.882.9970

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