Bleuberet- artisanal berry based jams and condiment tasting at Beyond The Sea.

By Beyond the Sea | May 10, 2014

We are so very glad that Katie, who is Bleuberet, will join us on Sat. May 10, from 1:00-3:00 for the Beyond the Sea "Grand Re-opening Weekend" to share her delectable jams and condiments.  For our customers who enjoy that special addition to a wonderful meal or appetizer, we hope you will taste and enjoy bleuberet.  They are treats for yourself and to share when you are entertaining, and certainly to bring to a dinner party to share with and treat your friends.


"Go ahead, eat it with toast, but we dare you to have an experience rather than everyday happenstance."
This is the wonderful advice that we share and are so happy to introduce to Beyond the Sea for bleuberet jams and condiments.
Bleuberet creates berry based jams and condiments that are seasoned with spices, herbs and other fruits. What makes Bleuberet’s product line unique is that the berries are flavored with spice and fruit blends that are interestingly different, thus flavoring food in creative ways, and not flavoring for shock value. We look for the raised eyebrow and listen for the words, “I never thought of pairing those flavors together.”  And then we look for the smile of pleasurable acceptance of the taster’s approval.
Technically it is a jam, but the products are used as condiments.  It can certainly be used on toast, however with the unique flavor additions to wild Maine blueberries (and other berries), the jams/condiments pair beautifully with many other foods, such as cheese, meat, fish, game, fowl, and dessert.  As the product line expands, berries such as gooseberries, currants and cranberries are being added to the selection.  With several steady flavors---blimey, spiced and madras---we offer seasonal short runs of other flavors to keep the product line robust and vibrant.

The jam that thinks it's a condiment.The flavor is concentrated, the burst of taste sublime. We promise that it only takes a little bit of Bleuberet to elevate and enhance whatever you choose to put it on.

Choose. Pair. Share. 
Can you shift your palate's paradigm? 
Bon Appétit, 
- Baby Bleu

We hope you can come by to meet Katie, and join in the "Grand Re-opening" festivities which include discounts, door prizes, treats, and complimentary fare & fun!
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