Blue Sky Cantina
5 Country Inn Way, Route 1
Rockport, ME 04856
Phone: 207-236-4149
Hours: Summer hours: Monday-Saturday 12-9, Sunday 12-3, Happy Hour Monday-Friday 4-5pm

Jennifer Thieme and Ron Covert are excited to invite you to their restaurant!

This Mexican restaurant has had a complete renovation, decoration, and overall overhaul. Ron has created an ambiance and atmosphere one must experience as there is nowhere else like this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

The downstairs is as if you are sitting in a rustic cantina, looking out through the jungle to Chichen Itsa, the Mayan ruins of southern Mexico. Flowers, plants, birds, lights and peeks of blue sky make this room cozy and fun.

Going upstairs is a journey unto itself as you ascend through a moonlight, star-filled corridor you see the creatures who guard the sacrificial ledge then enter the luxurious lounge of blue skies. While soaring the skies, you can sit with views of outdoors, watch TV, meet in the "private, living"  room with 4 of your best friends, sit at the comfy bar and drink, of course, one of our superior, fresh Margaritas ... Strawberry, Mango, BlueSkyBlue, Creamsicle, Blueberry, Raspberry, Chocolate ... to name but a few.

Now that you're comfortable and entertained with the surroundings, we can promise that the food is not only up to par with the ambiance/decor, but it just may be the best Mexican food in Maine!

Jennifer has traveled all over Mexico and has taken the most flavorful of the vast cuisine, combined it with her personal touch and created a varied, delicious and authentic menu. Their motto of always homemade and made-to-order is fulfilled here. From classic appetizers such as nachos, taquitos, quesadillas, chipotle BBQ chicken wings, to Mexican "pizza" and their own Bacon-Garlic-Queso Fries ! Aye delicioso!

Our award-winning Black Bean-Pumpkin soups are also perfect starters(Seasonal). We do not use lard and like to use a lot of local produce to make each dish healthy, abundant and colorful. Much, much more - and COMPLIMENTARY CHIPS AND SALSA, of course! Six salsas to try from mild, to mango, to habanero hot.

Make anything vegetarian by omitting the meat and/or adding our fresh-grilled fajita veggies.Though you probably won't have room for dessert, they are a must to try... Classic Flan, cinnamon-sugary Churros, Fried ice cream w/ chocolate sauce, and our ownTriple Chocolate Brownies. Feel free to take them 'To Go' if you're too full from dinner!

Cara Cara Orange & Chile-glazed Salmon Tacos special ...

Slightly sweet, a bit bitter, a moment of spice and the orange-chile glaze bejewels the fresh, grilled salmon that is tucked into soft, corn tortillas, adorned with julienned romaine, shreds of purple cabbage, sprinkled with pico, Cotija and pumpkin seeds, served with Mexican rice and savory ...
OMG Tinga Authentico! Delicioso!

Come in and get it tonight .
Tinga de Pollo este noche at Blue Sky Cantina!

ThisThursday night is Tinga de Pollo night. Tinga de pollo is a classic Mexican chicken dish(tinga) comprised of classic Mexican ingredients...onions, tomatoes, chipotles, chorizo... that we will serve perhaps, non-classically , as the main component of a classic American tostada... which is ...
Tamales, get your Chicken tamales...tonight at Blue Sky ...

Chicken tamales, steamed tender, topped with a light Ancho chile sauce, melted cheese, served with rice and beans, lettuce, pico, a dainty dollop of sour cream, and cilantro! Delicioso!
TUESDAY TRIVIA in Margarita Lounge at Blue Sky, 6pm

Join us in the beautiful and comfortable Margarita Lounge, upstairs at Blue Sky , for a couple rounds of fun trivia, imbibing fabulous margaritas and eating flavorful, fresh food all the while!
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