Distracted Driving: Older Drivers Are Catching Up

By J. Edward Knight & Co. | Dec 31, 2013

Teens aren't the only ones taking risks by texting and driving.  Insurance Journal recently shared this article about a report conducted by State Farm Insurance.

"The July 2013, survey of nearly 1,000 motorists shows a significant increase in the percentage of drivers who own smart phones, particularly among drivers age 30 and older. Additionally, the percentage of drivers who access the internet on their phone while driving has nearly doubled over the past five years, going up from 13 percent in 2009 to 24 percent in 2013."

Read "Older Drivers Catching Up with Younger in Distracted Driving: Survey" by visiting Insurance Journal's website.  Remember to avoid being distracted by your mobile device by silencing it and storing it in your bag while you are driving.

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