If you are recovering from a work-related injury, a sports-injury, joint-replacement surgery, or are suffering from low back pain, or chronic neck pain, the physical therapists at Downeast Rehabilitation Associates can help you get back in the mainstream of life.

Located on Route 1 in Rockport, Maine, Downeast Rehabilitation has been providing physical therapy services to the communities of Rockland, Thomaston, Rockport, Camden, Belfast, and surrounding communities in Knox, Lincoln, and Waldo counties for over 40 years. In addition, we now offer on-site physical therapy at the Islesboro Community Center one day per week.  In fact, Downeast Rehab is the first private-practice rehabilitation agency in the State of Maine.

You know you want to start your physical therapy immediately if you are in pain, and we say, "Don't Wait!  You have a choice for your physical therapy".  You may need to ask to come to Downeast Rehabilitation.  We have a staff of skilled professionals who will help get you on your path to wellness.

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Hours: Wednesday 9-4
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Sprain or Strain?

You've hurt your ankle! And you are wondering, is it a sprain? The doctor says it is a strain. What is the difference? A sprain is injury to a ligament. A ligament is a fibrous band of connective tissue that joins one bone to another bone; it stabilizes and supports the joint, any joint---elbow, ...

You may not be aware that you have a choice in physical therapy providers. When physical therapy is recommended for you following an injury, joint replacement, or discharge from the hospital, call Downeast Rehabilitation. We have been in business in the mid-coast region for over 40 years. We can ...
What's new in physical therapy.....TAPING

Have you seen the black or colorful tape adorning the bodies of professional athletes, such as tennis players with tape across their shoulders? or below their knees? Our physical therapist Mark Lewis, MSPT, will be answering your questions on HOW does this work? DOES this work? WHAT DOES IT ...
Resistance Exercise

Resistance exercise is also known as strength training. The benefits derived from resistance exercise include: enhanced muscle performance---strength, power and endurance. Stronger muscles also decrease stress on joints during physical activity. Benefits also include reduced risk of soft tissue ...
Ultrasound:  what is it?

Ultrasound may be prescribed by your physician and administered by a physical therapist to help relax tight muscles that are painful. It is used to warm muscles and soft tissue to increase blood flow that will help healing. It may be used as part of your main physical therapy treatment. Ultrasoun...
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