By Sallyann Hadyniak | Nov 08, 2012
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Veteran's Day: November 11, 2012

The Freedom Recreational Committee is again hosting the honoring of area veterans on Veteran's Day ,Sunday, November 11, 2012 It will be at the Veteran's Memorial next to the Freedom Church.

All finger foods should be brought to the church basement by 10:30 a.m.  Refreshments will be served after the services in the church hall.

The event will start at 11:00 a.m. sharp with the tolling of the Church bells, followed by words from Warren Spaulding leader of the Freedom Congregational Church, and a placing of the memorial wreath.
There will be local politicians, a Scout pack, and music by Galen Larrabee and the Barbershop group that was there last year and you thoroughly enjoyed.

This year we will be having area people that are veterans be the honor guard and helping place the memorial wreath. Please come and be a part of the celebration, after all this day was made possible by veteran's sacrifices.
Come see all the work that has been done on the memorial in the past  year, or just come to show your support for the veteran's and our town.  If you want to be a part of the celebration, have any ideas, or want to help please contact, Kim Holmes 382-6245.   You can also e mail her at
We are still looking for pictures of area veterans to put on our Wall of Honor. Just take any and all pictures to Cindy Abbott at the Town Office and she will scan it and return the original.

Information of Wars since 1914

WWI:   August 1914-November 11, 1918
U.S. Casualties------53,402
Wounded in Action--------204,002

WWII:   December 8, 1941-August 14, 1945
U.S. Casualties--------407,300
Wounded in Action--------670,846

Korean War: June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953
U.S. Casualties-------54,24
Missing in Action------8,142

Vietnam War: 1959- April 30, 1975
U.S. Casualties------58,193
Wounded in Action-----153,303
Missing in Action-----1,948

Gulf War: August 2, 1990-February 28, 1991
(Persian Gulf) U.S. Casualties------378
Wounded in Action----Less than 1,000

Afghanistan War: October 7, 2001-Present
U.S. Casualties----1,098
Wounded in Action-----2,379

Iraq War: March 30, 2003- December 15, 2011
U.S. Casualties-----4,404
Wounded in Action-------31,827

All above information from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.


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