Garry Owen MC
Contact: Chris Rainey
Phone: 207-706-6876

Garry Owen MC/Dark Horse Crew First and foremost we are a motorcycle club dedicated to helping veterans and the families of veterans. We are a group of riders who have served in the military or has a immediate family member who has served. As we have welcomed in more members, we have been able to expand into two separate chapters. Waldo & now Knox! The Knox chapter became official November 2015 with a crew of 5 and counting. Our mission is to raise money to help the Maine veterans. With providing heating fuel, food, finding shelter or other special needs.


Back in December we had one of our most proud moments. The grand opening of our very first Veterans Homeless Shelter. We didn't think anything could top that feeling of accomplishment until now. Veteran Steve Cowles came to us after living in a boatyard in Bangor. We were able to put him up in ...
Calling All Vets!!

Are you a Veteran in need or know a Veteran in need? We want to Help! Please Contact Jerry @ 207-706-6523 or Brent @ 207-505-5217

On February 4th 2017 GOMC will be hosting a benefit spaghetti dinner/Live auction to help raise money for the recently opened GOMC Veteran homeless shelter as well as the future Garry Owen House! We have many great donations for the LIVE auction! Check out our gallery on this page! Items such as ...
GOMC Helping Vets!

On Sunday January 14th GOMC had the honor of purchasing and installing a Wheelchair assessable shower stall for Rex Nelson. Nelson was an Army cook from 1953-1955. If you are or know a Veteran in need please contact Jerry @ 207-706-6523 or Brent 207-505-5217
Veterans Helping Veterans!!

On Sunday January the 6th GOMC was contacted by a young Veteran in need. His request was a simple one but one we hear a lot this time of year! So by the end of the week GOMC was able to deliver a truck load of wood to help him and his family get through the winter! If you are or know a veteran ...
The Moving Wall to Maine 2016 escort
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