Grindle Point parking ban in effect Dec. 14-15

Dec 13, 2013

A parking ban will be in effect in the Grindle Point lot from from 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 14 until 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 15. Parking is banned in the center parking spaces.

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Posted by: Paul Sheridan | Dec 15, 2013 13:09

Jennifer K. Whyte: I have heard that Islesboro can be lovely, I have not been there yet.   Fact remains, I searched Google Maps and other sites looking for "Grindle Point" without success.  Problem is people (police, town administrators, rushed reporters?) often assume EVERYONE knows "the corner where the red barn burned down in 1986."  And everyone knows that there is ONLY one Main (Elm, High, Union, Waldo, Knox...) Street/Road/Avenue anywhere in these parts, right?

But of course, everyone does not know this....Location is found by a series of ever precise directions.  Possibly: Grindle Point, Islesboro, Maine.  The "Maine" is unnecessary for a local publication (Village Soup), but a town name seems important to note for a publication that covers a whole county (and probably shares staff between two?).

Working for the US census for two years I came across a number of people who through ignorance, laziness, or "hermitness" did not have a house number posted.  I even spoke with natives and other long-time residents, and was quite surprised to learn that this had become a somewhat anomalous and unsafe "tradition."

One friend said: "everyone knows the house of Doctor so-and-so," so if there was a need of fire, police or ambulance, "they could find us!"

Unless-- there was a new employee driving the ambulance, or a moon-lighting officer, or a big fire in your town already, and mutual-aid fire companies from a town two away had to find "Doctor so-and-so's house..."

People, if you want to hide out--that is your choice--good luck to you. But if you think you want to have new friends find you, or an ambulance, police car, or fire trucks arrive in time to help, please give SPECIFIC directions including your (posted) house number.

And reporters/editors--always review press releases, classified ads, etc. for a town name, thanks!



Posted by: Win Hood | Dec 15, 2013 06:14

Been there; didn't know that.

Thanks Jennifer

Posted by: Jennifer K Whyte | Dec 14, 2013 22:53

If you live in Maine, it is very sad that you don't know where Grindle Point is.  It is on the island of Islesboro, where the ferry docks coming from Lincolnville.  We are only three miles from the mainland and are quite a thriving community.  Perhaps you should look at a map.  You will always be very welcome to our beautiful island.

Jennifer Whyte

Posted by: Robert E Webster | Dec 14, 2013 08:19

That was my question... Never heard of Grindle Point???

Posted by: Win Hood | Dec 14, 2013 06:53

Where is Grindle Point?

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