Staying or Leaving?

By Maine Coast Eye Care Optical Shop | Dec 02, 2016
Courtesy of: Marcolin Eyewear

Even though it's been a relatively pleasant fall, we all know winter is coming. That means you have two options: Hunker down and stick it out, or escape to a warmer climate of your choice for some or all of the next 4 to 6 months. Either way, with the sun sitting lower in the sky, that four-letter word S-N-O-W that prognosticators like to toss around regularly and occasionally forecast accurately, the warm blue-green waters of the tropics and their requisite white sand beaches - all of which cause a tremendous amount of blinding glare - there's a need for sunglasses.

Stop in and look over our sunglasses, which include brands such as WileyX®, Bollé®, Marco®, Timberland® and Guess®. Fit those frames with prescribed polarized lenses and we'll send you off to the land of happiness, whether that is at your northern or southern "palace", i.e., where you end up at the close of the day.

Another nugget of wisdom is to have a second, backup pair of glasses in your possession, especially when traveling, in case your first pair meets its maker or is otherwise compromised.  Do that one-stop shopping thing and purchase your backup pair of everyday glasses with no-glare treatment along with your sunglasses, and we'll take 25% off the lesser of the two orders!

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Got your bags packed or your winter woolies in your top drawer yet? - whichever may apply!

P.S. Sunglasses also make the perfect gift for that special someone on your list!


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