Hope Elephants

Hope Elephants is a nonprofit organization that operates a unique care and rehabilitation facility for injured and retired circus elephants located in Hope, Maine.

At the Hope Elephants facility a pair of aging elephants (Rosie and Opal) receive state-of-the-art care, including physical therapy, in a purpose-built habitat dedicated to meet their needs. Hope Elephants provides these elephants with 24-hour a day veterinary care in a permanent home specifically designed to improve their quality of life and ease the symptoms of their deteriorated joints and limbs. Hope Elephants is also an educational destination where school children and adult visitors experience elephants in a curated and safe environment that presents elephants not as a curiosity, but as fellow sentient beings deserving of our respect, care and support. The goal of Hope Elephants’ educational programs is to inspire visitors to act upon their experience and find their own path to participation in wildlife conservation. 

Please call 207-230-7830 to ask for more information, schedule a visit to our facility, or arrange for media coverage. Your call will be answered 24/7 and forwarded to someone who will get back to you as soon as possible. For a visit, please be prepared to provide the number of people who will be visiting, your preferred date and a backup, a phone number and email address. 

Support Hope Elephants by visiting our store at 29 Main St., Camden!

We’re dedicated to making this endeavor one in which the entire community can participate. We hope you will.


10-14 hours/week. Mornings.
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