Horse & Hound Veterinary Services
22 Atlantic Highway
Thomaston, ME 04861
Phone: 207-557-5669
Hours: Mon-Fri - 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Emergency Service Available

Horse and Hound Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary practice providing quality small and large animal health care in midcoast Maine. House call appointments can be arranged for the preventive health care, illness evaluations, or emergency needs of cats and dogs. We will help the busy family member, house-bound individual, or elderly person find the time for pet care within the comfort and convenience of their own home. Farm calls can be made to provide horses with routine wellness care, vaccinations, x-rays, sickness workups as well as emergency treatments. Working in your horse’s normal environment will allow us to evaluate all aspects of the animal’s care. If your pet or horse needs specialized medical care or surgical treatment, we have several full-service veterinary hospitals to which we can make referrals. Horse and Hound Veterinary Services’ goal is to provide compassionate animal care at reasonable, affordable prices. Our everyday fee schedule reflects that concept and in order to provide health care to those in need of discounted services, we hold frequent Saturday walk-in clinics at our veterinary ambulance parked in several different locations throughout Knox and Waldo counties. Each spring we hold a low-cost horse & pony vaccination and Coggins testing clinic to provide reasonable fees for "spring shots". The dates, times, and locations of these special services will be published weekly on Village Soup. Our routine veterinary services include: Puppy & Kitten Health Care, Risk Assessment & Vaccination Planning, Surgical Sterilization “pet spay & neuter care”, Breeding and Reproduction Guidance, Parasite Treatment and Control, Pain Management, Dermatology & Allergy Workups, Cancer Treatment and Care, Feeds and Nutritional Guidance, Hospice Assistance, In-house Bloodwork, Digital Radiography, Small Animal Dental Care and Equine Dental Floating, Pre-purchase Exams, Lameness Evaluations, Regulatory Testing, Health Certificates, and On Site Horse Show and Event Officiation. Dr. Maloney has been a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Association of Equine Practitioners since 1984.

AFFORDABLE Cat & Dog Dental Care

Horse & Hound Veterinary Services offers dental cleaning and tooth care for dogs. Dirty teeth and gums can cause more problems than simple tooth loss and mouth odor. Animals with heavy tartar can have concurrent heart, kidney, and liver disease due to the high level of bacteria accumulated in ...

Horse & Hound Veterinary Services offers gift certificates for holiday giving - any denomination available. These gift certificates may be used for wellness check-ups, illness exams, surgeries, dental cleanings, vaccinations, blood testing, health certificates, wound supplies, flea products, and ...
Fecal Examinations

Horse & Hound Veterinary Services offers manure and fecal testing of horses, dogs & cats. Do not let your animals go into winter with the added burden of internal parasites. Cats can get worms from flea infestations or hunting mice. Dogs can get worms from playing on the beach or in a dog park. ...
Trace Clipping for Winter Riding ?

Horse & Hound Veterinary Services stocks Dormosedan gel, an oral sedative for use in horses, ponies, and donkeys. This compound is administered under the equid's tongue and may be used to calm an animal to allow the handler to perform such tasks as: mane pulling, sheath cleaning, body clipping, ...
COMFORTIS  Once-A-Month Flea Pill for Cats

Horse & Hound Veterinary Services stocks Comfortis, a monthly chewable tab that kills fleas in cats. It is safe for use in kittens over 14 weeks of age. Comfortis is given with a meal and starts killing fleas within 30 minutes. This medication kills fleas before they can lay eggs. Use Comfortis ...
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