Hugh and Naomi Munroe

By Mussel Ridge Historical Society - Owl's Head | Dec 03, 2013

The Mussel Ridge Historical Society is working with the Owl’s Head Cemetery Committee to Identify veterans who are buried in Owl’s Head.  Do you have any information about Hugh or Naomi Munroe?  What makes this quest challenging is the various possible spellings of Hugh’s last name.  At various time the surname has been recorded as Munrow, Munroe, Monrow, Munro and likely other variations.

Hugh Munroe was born in 1766. He & Naomi had two sons and three daughters. He died on June 22, 1832, in Thomaston (at that time Thomaston included what is now known as Rockland, South Thomaston and Owl’s Head) at the age of 66.  Those are the bare facts.

We know Hugh fought in the Revolutionary War and applied for a pension.  We know that Eaton said Hugh settled Monroe’s Island and lived his life there although it seems possible that there were people living on the island before him.  We know that Hugh bought the island and lived there with Naomi and their children.  We know nothing about Hugh’s parents and literally nothing about Naomi, including her maiden name.

Perhaps most importantly for this purpose, we know nothing about where either is buried.  We have found no records in the town’s cemeteries of their burials.  To the best of our knowledge there are no gravestones on the island and nothing that looks like a burial stone, which at that time might have been a large beach stone.

If you have any information about where Hugh Munroe and his wife Naomi might be buried or any information about them in general, please email us at or call Bonnie Post @ 594-9263.

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