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By Jordan M Bailey | Dec 02, 2013

by Beverly Ludden

Jackson News

It’s Here

Tuesday; can’t believe it, when I turned on the outside light to see how cold it was, ha it’s snowing. I got my coffee, scanner was busy with accidents everywhere, and one was rollover in Thorndike. Lisa doesn’t have to work but do I call to see if LeeAnn has school or work?? Seems she said no school but work tonight. Lisa and I were going to Walmart and Shirley’s. I bet Michelle and Becca had to work today.


They said on the “Today Show” that air travel is going to be terrible. I can’t believe how many people travel by air or car for Thanksgiving. I think most around here stay home or in the area. They told about how many will also go out to eat because they’re just so busy and can’t get dinner ready.

Good Evening

Thanksgiving evening and I’m sure most of you are busy cooking etc. I was going to make a cheeseball tonight but Lisa came and said she’d do it. Okay, so now I’m watching polka party on RFD. Love it…don’t dance like that anymore. Did you ever watch the Polly D Polka Party on RFD? Another show I like, Dancing with the Stars was all done last night.


Hope you all are having a great family day. LeeAnn and Chris went over to Knox for dinner with their grandparents and then came back to Jackson and we all went down to Johnny and Debbie’s for a Thanksgiving supper. There were 14 of us including Polly. She came down and had some pie with us. She hosted a nice dinner at her house earlier with Flint, Heidi, Hunter, and Forest. Flint was there early to help get the turkey and veggies going. Made me think back as Robert always did on the farm for mum.

Doris Dodge had her son James and grandson Danny over for dinner. I heard Larry and Marge Dodge and family went to Ellsworth to Marge's moms early but they were surprised to see the big tree that was down by the wind out front of their house. The power was lost when it came down on the wires and the fire department was called.

Irene and Harold Tibbetts and Shannon and Jackson Hustus were at the Freedom Grange Hall with 30 of the Overlock family for dinner. Kenny Hustus was with his family and Cody, Jenny and Hank Tibbetts were up here from Rhode Island and had dinner in Liberty with Jenny’s family for a get together. Eleanor went to have dinner with Priscilla and Raymond. Harold went to visit them too after dinner.

Janice Snyder went to Eric and Tara Jeans and sons in Winslow for a great dinner. Also attending was Tammy, Zane, Jolene, Bruce and Ethan.

Marlene, Clifford and Bruce Thomson were at home. They received phone calls from family members. Brian went to visit his sister Rochelle and family.

Cheryl Moore had her son Eddie and little Ed, over. Nicki had to work.

Brother Robert, Sharon, Mark, Allyn and Chase, plus more Weavers, went to the Lucerne Inn for dinner. What a crowd they said.

Call me about your day or dinner, it’s not too late.

Did you watch the parade? I was a disappointed in it but it was good.

It was great that the Church and Manna Ministries put on a dinner for folks. I also think Lions club did too. Glad I’m older or I’d be foolish enough to try it in Jackson at the JCC.

Black Friday Shopping

The blue law that some stores can’t open on certain days is a good idea but I don’t remember it for some reason. It was bad enough on black Friday in some places it showed a fist fight, folks standing in line for hours, then pushing and shoving etc. They said Walmart sold 2 million flat screen TV’s. AJ and Becca went early as did Lisa and LeeAnn. Lisa said she was pleased with what she saved. That’s what makes everyone happy. Ella and Mady spent Thanksgiving night and part of black Friday with Nana and Grampa Ludden.


Had a story on TV that said what a pretty place Vinalhaven is. It takes 1 ½ hours to get there by ferry. Their school has 175 students; they have a lot of stores for shopping and other places to see.


Did you see the knockout game? You just punch someone in the face for no reason. Many have been hurt badly. What is going on, why would you want to hurt someone and you don’t even know them?

Good Luck

To Mark Weaver who has purchased Thompson’s Variety down in Waldo. I haven’t been there yet but my grandson Chris has and told me “Gram I’ve seen that guy somewhere!” I explained to him, he had gotten a breakfast sandwich. Stop by. Matt’s a great cook. Good Luck Matt and crew!

Also good luck goes out to the Gibbs family who will be building a hardware store across from the tracks in Brooks. We need one. We’ve missed Paul and Audrey’s hardware store. They are working on the lot already.


Goes out to Cathy Kenney Crooker on the death of her husband.


Robert, Mark and Chase visited sister Shirley on Friday after Thanksgiving. Chase was upset that Dana’s boys weren’t there. Shirley called me. She said Chase wanted her to arrange a “play date” with boys. They are the same age. She said she’s never heard of a “play date” so I had to tell her what it was. She’s getting old!


Jackson Food Pantry will be hosting a benefit auction Dec. 7 at the Jackson Community Center located at 252 Village Road in Jackson. Previewing will start at 7:30 a.m. and the auction begins at 10 a.m.


That’s enough for now. Please call me about your Christmas.

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