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By Rita Doughty | Dec 28, 2013


I would like to send condolences to Lisa and Codey Woods on the tragic death of her husband, and his father, Timothy Woods. Tim lived right up the road from me, He would drive by in the red van from Lakeside Burner, where he worked. He died from carbon monoxide poisoning from the generator.  Tim you are surely blessed to have so many friends, and family thinking of you. May you rest in peace. You are surely missed by all who knew you.

The Ice Storm

Many of us have had no power, no phone service, I was among those people here in Knox, Waldo County. We got so much ice, and it is still on the trees, and ice every where. The problem being it caused a lot of damage to the electric lines being down. Some places the trees were bent over, and the roads were not passable at all. We have had our road plowed and sanded real well so far this winter. Thanks to Todd, and his dedicated crew. Some people still do not have power. I am fortunate to have a wood stove, and have been okay. Have gas cooking stove so that is one reason I kept with gas. My Mom had electric, and I always told her I will never have that. We need backup heat etc. living in this State in the Winter, and wood heat. So, I hope you have your power back on. Please take a few minutes to check on an elderly neighbor that may need some help. Some people won't ask for help, but check on them anyway. So thankful we got through the last several days since last Sunday with out power. We now have it restored, but with more snow coming on top of the ice covered trees, beware, it still doesn't look good for us. Be prepared. Get that extra water, and grocery supply ready. To everyone, take care as it is far from over.  It is still too cold to melt the ice off the trees just yet.


Happy Birthday to my nephew, Roger ( Genie ) Drew in Norfolk, Virginia. I hope you have a great birthday on Dec. 31st. Thinking of you, and miss you.


Since most of us had no power at our homes, some folks are enjoying their Christmas and Dinner, this weekend. I hope you all have had some great times with family, and friends. Love, that is what it is all about. Family, and friends is a great thing to have. Enjoy your time together, as time waits for no one.

Icy Traveling

I saw on facebook where our Freedom correspondent Sally Hadyniak got a toboggan ride from her grandsons. They took her from her home to theirs. . Now that was a dandy idea because of all the ice on the ground. Way to go Sally!!


There is still Knox Historical Calendars at the Knox Town Office available.

Nomination Papers

The Nomination papers are available at the Town Office for 3rd Select person if you are interested. Stop by the office soon, as there is a deadline for this.

Dog Licenses

If you have a dog, it needs to be licensed by the end of the month. The rabies vaccine shot must be up to date. Stop into the office for additional info or call, 568-3907.

Snow Plowing

I hope the Snow Plowing is discussed soon, as some people have not been happy.  I, for one think they have been doing a good job keeping the roads passable. Our Town has a lot of hills, and I'm sure it is not easy work. Good job Todd, and the crew. That is not an easy job, they are out at all times of the night to keep us safe. We are home tucked into bed, and they keep the roads open. Some people work all different shifts at night, and have to travel the roads. We need access to ambulances, or fire trucks, and other safety persons patrolling the highways. Thanks to those people as well. Stop complaining, and go to the Selectman's meeting. We have good people, we need to keep them.

Saturday evening, Dec. 28th

This is the evening of the movie, about the work on the Mill, being shown in Freedom, at the new renovated Mill in the Village. Bring a dish for the Pot Luck meal at Freedom Grange after. Then, at the Hall, there will be a Contra Dance. An enjoyable evening for all.

Until next week,

Stay warm folks. If you have to use a generator, be extremely careful, and make sure it is well vented with fresh air, or outside, and away from the buildings. Need plenty of ventilation. They can be deadly from the fumes. Be careful with candles, they can cause fires. I know everyone is trying to stay warm, but be cautious. I figure if we are lucky here in good ole Maine, the ice on the trees will melt by next Spring. Think of us, you Snow Birds. Be safe traveling, and A Happy New Year To All !!!






























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