Like QuickBooks, but want more people to have access?

By Ballou & Associates | Dec 10, 2013

Ever wanted to keep Quickbooks on one computer, but be able to have staff access it from anywhere??  Try this free cloud system called Levion!

Makes it easier for your team to collaborate easily and effectively each & every day!  You just need a device that connects to the internet, and in this day and age… internet is everywhere from our pocket, cars, airports, and surprisingly, even still at those things we call our desks.

We like the install process because it’s easy and painless!  Download the connector on the computer you use to run QuickBooks, and they’ll do the rest.  The connector is the gateway of communication between Levion and QuickBooks possible – think of it as the Stargate (from the TV series!).

After the initial sync takes place, this process prepares your QuickBooks data for Levion access.  Nothing about the way QuickBooks works will change, Levion just sends/receives data from QuickBooks. Now, you just sign in from any internet device and you’ll securely (SSL server) have access to the books!

You add all your users by creating accounts for those you want to give this access to. Levion even keeps track of which users create and modify documents to eliminate confusion, there’s an audit trail feature to boot!

Work Anywhere: Levion works whenever there is internet access.

Use Any Device: Feel like using an iPad?! Levion makes it possible.

Multiple Users: Levion can have as many users as you need.

Real Time Integration: Updates within seconds of any change.

Sales: Levion handles invoicing and payment receipt.

Purchasing: Create purchase orders or bills anytime.

Customers & Vendors: Levion keeps your contacts close at hand.

Tasks: Create tasks to make sure nothing gets missed.

Security: Levion keeps you secure on the web and in the office.

Notes: Make notes on any document for reference.

Custom Invoices: Add your company logo to your documents.


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