Local Real Estate thru 11 Innings!

By Camden Hills Realty | Dec 03, 2013
Courtesy of: Camden Hills Realty Representing the Coast & Countryside Known as Camden Hills

Who can believe that we are soon to close the calendar on 2013? It was a fast year and as they say, “as you get older, the years go faster” just ask John Burgess of Camden Hills Realty who is living proof….a regular father-time. 

Real estate wise, 2013 is shaping up to be a good year. At Camden Hills Realty, we focus our efforts and analysis on Knox and Waldo Counties. We are seeing some trends that buyers and sellers should leverage to their advantage.

The median sales price hovers around $165,000 dollars. It has not shown any real change from last year and points to market stability. Burgess points out that smart pricing is still the most critical factor in a developing local market. Price it right. Buy it right and work to keep offers alive.    

More good news for the broader market is that number of single family homes sold is up better than a 100 homes over last year (Knox & Waldo Counties combined). Camden Hills Realty projects the market could see over 800 sales completed by year end. The market is headed in the right direction! In a strong healthy market, sales approach 1000 units sold for the local area.  

Within the two counties, 116 agencies (yes, agencies) reported results, which was 12% increase in agency to agency competitive activity. Over 350 agents (yes, agents) participated in some level of sales activity. Competition for your real estate business is fierce. Take advantage of it.

The message to real estate clients (buyers or sellers) is you have the power to negotiate every aspect of the listing agreement, services presented and provided. At Camden Hills Realty, we recommend interviewing at least 3 agents/agencies before you list your property. It’s smart business. Shop and compare the cost of services.

In interviews, make an agent’s knowledge of technology part of your conversation. Technology has leveled the playing field between large and small real estate companies. Large or small, marketing is driven by the Internet. A listing needs to be well presented to be competitive and drive interest.

The Multiple Listing Service allows 35 pictures as example. Pictures tell the story. Don’t settle for less than a full complement of pictures cataloging the assets of your home. It is visual world. Thirty-five (35) pictures is the gold standard.

At Camden Hills Realty our goal is to educate the consumer, create transparency and provide important insights. Real Estate doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have questions feel free to contact us at burgess@camdenhillsrealty.com. Camden Hills Realty is at your service.

Enjoy the spirit of the holidays and Happy New Year.         

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