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Paula J. Benner, DVM

344 Old Union Road
Washington, Maine 04574
Office: 845-6006
Emergency : 851-5020
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Founded in 2008, Lupine Valley Equine Veterinary Services is a 100% ambulatory practice committed to providing high quality veterinary care to horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules within the state of Maine.

Our preventative care services include wellness exams, vaccinations, deworming program development and nutrition counseling.  Our large geriatric horse population greatly benefits from our abilities to diagnose and treat various endocrine diseases (Cushing's Disease, Insulin Resistance, Equine Metabolic Syndrome), as well as our in-house laboratory. Dr. Benner has a strong interest in lameness diagnosis and treatment. Our portable digital radiograph and ultrasound units provide state-of-the-art diagnostics at your farm! LVEVS is also capable of performing surgeries at your farm including castrations, Caslick's, mass removal, and laceration repair. (Note: LVEVS does not perform colic surgery).

We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Common emergencies include colic, choke, lacerations, and lameness. Our portable ultrasound unit can be utilized for colics unresponsive to routine medical treatment.

Please Note: Lupine Valley Equine is closed on weekends except for emergencies. Medications are dispensed only from Monday through Friday.

Lupine Valley Equine offers experienced veterinary care, with the most current equine knowledge and state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments. You and your horse will be glad you found Lupine Valley Equine Veterinary Services!

Dr. Paula J. Benner

Dr. Paula J. Benner earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1997 from the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Benner practiced equine medicine in Washington state and the Mid-Atlantic area prior to establishing Lupine Valley Equine Veterinary Service, LLC in 2008. While working in the Mid-Atlantic area, Dr. Benner had the privilege of working with Graham Motion of Herringswell Stables who has trained numerous Breeders Cup racehorses including the 2007 winner “Better Talk Now”.

Dr. Benner has developed a strong interest in advanced imaging including radiology, musculoskeletal and abdominal ultrasound. She has attended continuing education courses at the New Bolton Center, San Luis Rey Equine Hospital, and AAEP Annual Convention. Other interests include geriatric medicine and diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders (Cushing’s disease, insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome and laminitis). Dr. Benner is also a member of AAEP and Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners.

Lupine Valley Equine Veterinary Service 2014 Open House ...

Andrew Beale equine nutritionist from Poulin Grain will be speaking on: feeding older horses and endocrine disorders such as insulin resistance and cushings disorder and the importance of hay analysis. Free Hay Analysis! Paula Benner, DVM will be speaking on: Lyme disease, influenza, equine ...
Lupine Valley Equine Veterinary Services is Online!

LVEVS releases its official website. Our website contains detailed information about our services are well as healthful information about equine health care. Call today to schedule an appointment for your horse's spring vaccinations! (207) 845 - 6006
Are you ready for 2013 Vaccinations?

Lupine Valley Equine Veterinary Services will be offering vaccinations at a discounted rate this year. EWT/WNV/Rabies $60 EWT/WNV/Rabies + Rhino/Flu $86 Yearly physical examinations are very important to assess your horse's health and catch any potential issues before they become a big ...
Lupine Valley Equine Offering New Services

Lupine Valley Equine Veterinary Services now offers Game Ready cold compression therapy used to treat lameness cases and cellulitis. We will also be offering acupuncture in April 2013. Call to schedule your appointment today! (207) 845-6006
Attention: Lupine Valley Equine Veterinary Services ...

We know that it is very difficult for many of our clients who work during the week to make time for appointments without taking time off of work. Beginning November 10th through November 24th, LVEVS will be seeing Saturday appointments. That means no emergency fees! Not already a client of ...