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At Mid-Coast Seamless Gutters, gutters is what we do. It's all we do. Our product line, resources, suppliers and knowledge of the business to date is unparalleled. Because the owner not only quotes the projects in person, he also installs them. Being a parent he knows first hand how important it is to know who will be on your property. With very little overhead, you can be guaranteed a low estimate. Some of the commercial properties he has done are as follows: Camden National Bank, Ashwood Waldorf School Rockport, Damariscotta Bank and Trust, Islesboro Public Library and the list goes on. Some of the residential properties he has done are the Kirstie Alley Farm Islesboro, the Dupont Compound North Haven, etc. Licensed to do business in the state of New Hampshire, Mid-Coast Seamless Gutters is also a BBB member, a member (GINE) Gutter Installers of New England.

From the owner: My grandfather once told me do one thing and do it better than anybody else. I listened. A list of testimonials is available referring to Mid-Coast Seamless Gutters as the best in the state.  We  earned this recognition from people we have worked for over the years.  We are noted for being creative thinkers and problem solvers. We've been installing gutters for many years.  Call  273-3096  or  e-mail us at for an estimate.


We have ( 5 ) and ( 6 ) inch gutter systems available for both residential and commercial applications. Architects of today are more creative than previous years and are designing homes with larger trim profiles, valleys, etc. requiring a gutter system that will handle the amount of water volume ...

A proposal from us has been accepted by the town of Wiscassett for a project at the transfer facility. We are geared up for 2014 and all the challenges we, without question will face.

We wish to thank Broad Cove Builders for recently requesting a new gutter system be installed by us on the new Woodbrook animal clinic in Wiscassett.

2013 brought a more than usual amount of requests from both homeowners and business owners for a larger gutter system. We rose to the challenge. We now currently have on site machines capable of roll forming both 5 and 6 inch gutters. Call 273-3096 or e-mail for a free estimate

Mid-Coast Seamless Gutters. Gutters, it's what we do, it's all we do. We have one primary focus, and one only. You, the home owner. Our knowledge of the business, to date, is second to none. Call or e-mail for a free estimate.