Mike Thibodeau is a leader

By JOHN FORD | Sep 18, 2016

Thibodeau is a leader


Soon we will go to the polls to elect those who will best serve the people of our state.


One such leader is Senator Michael Thibodeau from Winterport. Mike represented all of Maine's people as Senate President.


Some of his actions came at an expense to his political career and that of his party, but it was the people of Maine who benefited the most.


Mike was recognized for his leadership skills by both parties during the last sessions political theater, successfully negotiating a budget approved by both political parties and at a cost detrimental to his own political future.


Mike did what he felt was best for all of Maine's people and not just his party or the will of the Governor. Those are the signs of a great man willing to put the peoples needs ahead of his own political aspirations.


Mike's leadership skills will keep this state moving forward.


Mike earned the respect from those serving with him. Both parties praised him for bringing a successful conclusion to that long budget battle.


I urge the citizens of Waldo County to join with me in keeping Mike in a leadership roll.

His leadership skills are needed more today than ever before.


Please vote for Mike Thibodeau when you go to the polls in November.


The people of Waldo County and the people of Maine depend upon his leadership and experience in the days ahead.


Retired Sheriff/ John Ford Sr

Brooks, Maine

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