Unclaimed Christmas presents remain at Town Office

By Sarah E. Reynolds | Jan 02, 2014
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Lincolnville — On Christmas Eve, some presents were delivered to Gail Berry of Greenacre Road.

The presents weren't for Berry, her husband, Dana, or their children. The gifts had originally been left at the home of her neighbor Stacey Parra, and Parra, seeing that some of them were addressed to someone named Nick, remembered that was the name of one of the Berrys' boys.

The gifts were addressed to Nick, Joshua and Joan from Uma; no last names were included and no street address. Berry accepted the gifts, thinking they might be for the people across the street. However, they, too, did not recognize the names.

Christmas Day, Berry posted a message in the Lincolnville Maine News group on Facebook while Dana took the presents up and down the street, looking for the children they were meant for. Berry knew the presents were for young children because, “I peeked,” she said, and then carefully rewrapped the gifts.

On Friday, Dec. 27, she took the presents to Lincolnville Town Office. Jody Hanson of the Town Office staff planned to call Lincolnville Central School secretary Maria Pierce to see if she can connect the presents with their intended recipients.

Hanson said Jan. 2 that she had spoken to Pierce, who did not recognize the names as belonging to any of the school's students who live on Greenacre Road.

Hanson said she wondered how many streets called Greenacre Road there are in Maine. "Maybe it was the wrong town, right street," she said.

She said she and Town Administrator David Kinney would likely decide what to do with the presents by Friday, Jan. 3. If they are not claimed by then, she said, the gifts might be donated to charity.

Anyone who has information regarding the Christmas gifts should call the Town Office at 763-3555.

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Posted by: Kathy Moran | Jan 04, 2014 20:57

Has there been any effort to find the family? Yes, there is a Greenacre Road in OOB, and "Uma" might well be a nickname for their grandmother.

Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Jan 03, 2014 17:45

I meant presents...silly Swype, I didn't make sure the word was correct.

Posted by: Edward G Hurlburt | Jan 03, 2014 07:43

I'm sure Jodi and David wouldn't mind if a volunteer found these kids!  Have at it and good luck!

Posted by: Bea Elaine Grant | Jan 02, 2014 20:36

Why not try to find these kids? There's a Greenacre Road in Old Orchard Beach.


Posted by: KERYN LAITE | Jan 02, 2014 09:20

Pants?..........what parts of this article says pants. PRESENTS!!!

Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Dec 30, 2013 15:50

This is more than a little creepy, frankly. How do you just leave pants at a random house? Hmmm.

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