Owen Casas - Independent Rep for District 94
Contact: Owen Casas
34 South St.
Rockport, ME 04856
Phone: 207-333-0067

Progressive Goals  •  Conservative Approach


Owen Casas was born and raised in Washington, Maine, and now lives with his wife and three children in Rockport. He is a honor graduate of the University of Maine, and is currently perusing a masters degree from Case Western Reserve University in Positive Organizational Development.

Owen is a long time stone mason, former commercial fisherman, former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, Iraq veteran, and currently sits on the Rockport Select Board.

He is running for District 94 as an Independent because he believes
citizens on all ends of the political spectrum have something to offer and that an inclusive and moderate discussion that brings the public together is the proper approach for positive change in the community and state. He is welcoming of, and desires, open dialogue from all members of the community, and said opinions, advice and help are appreciated.

Owen's key priorities are the following: veterans, heroin and opioid recovery/ treatment, proper funding of the public education system, and environmental and economic sustainability.

Owen can be reached at or found on Facebook at CasasforRepofMaineHouseDistrict94/


Key Priorities


There are many issues that require attention from the legislature. Below are my key priorities and serve as a starting place to improve opportunities across the board for Mainers. Each of these issues is close to my heart and I will work tirelessly to see them to success.


Economic and Environmental Sustainability


Diversity is a hallmark of a thriving, resilient ecosystem. Investing in a diverse renewable energy economy creates well paying local jobs AND protects the planet we rely upon for sustenance. Similarly, we should be promoting diversity in our natural resource based economies. This approach keeps a check on unsustainable resource consumption while providing jobs to those who work in that sector that are similar in function and knowledge. Example: Lobstermen who diversify into kelp farming have additional revenue from kelp harvest while growing a crop that filters and positively amends our ocean waters.


State Funding of Public Education


Education is the bedrock of a thriving society. To “Secure the blessings of Liberty, to ourselves and our Posterity” is to provide the highest quality of public education. Without adequate funding from the State, much of the burden of education costs is felt in increased property taxes to maintain programming OR by cutting selective programs. This is not a choice communities should have to make, especially considering the citizens mandate for the State to fund 55% of public educational costs… which has never been met. Our future generations deserve better.


Drug Epidemic


The approach must be a combination of law enforcement practices to limit the availability of drugs in our communities, compassion in helping those addicted gain access to appropriate treatment, and education. However the lack of adequate resources for treatment has shifted the burden primarily to our law enforcement, creating an imbalance. Looking at this epidemic in a holistic way, with a foundation of education for the next generation, would lead to more productive citizens and less addicted users.


Veteran Services


As a former United States Marine Corps Sergeant and Iraq War Veteran, I understand many of the issues, challenges, and hurdles facing our returning Veterans. The vast majority of our Veteran Corps is doing very well in their integration back into civilian society and are a benefit to their communities both economically and emotionally. However some are not and struggle with post traumatic stress, lack of care and connection, homelessness, and high rates of suicide. These brave men and women served our country honorably and deserve all the support we can give them.

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