PenBay Veterinary Associates
599 Commercial Street
Rockport, ME 04856
Phone: 207-594-8300
Fax: 207-594-8309

PenBay Veterinary Associates is full-service companion animal hospital that is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We were accredited following a comprehensive evaluation by AAHA. The evaluation includes a quality assessment review of the hospital’s facility, medical equipment, practice methods and pet health care management. Only 12 percent of all small animal veterinary practices in the U.S. have achieved accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association. There are only 3,000 accredited practices in the United States and 17 in Maine.

At PenBay Veterinary Associates we specialize in compassionate care. Our mission is: “to enhance the human-animal bond by offering exceptional service, education, and care to help our clients provide a safe and healthy lifestyle for their pets.” To this end our services include: laser surgery, on-site blood-work, ultrasound, digital x-ray, and ultrasonic dentistry.

“PenBay Veterinary Associates belongs to a select group of practices that are committed to meeting the highest standards in veterinary medicine,” says Michaek P. Andrews, DVM, AAHA president. “AAHA hospitals pass a stringent evaluation of over 900 standards covering patient care, client service and medical protocols. By attaining accreditation, PenBay Veterinary Associates is demonstrating its dedication to offering the best care to its patients and

What’s Involved In Dental Cleaning For My Pet?

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Heartworm disease poses a major health threat to both dogs and cats, and it’s on the rise. Present throughout the United States and Canada, the disease strikes pets, if unprotected by preventive heartworm medicines, who have been bitten by a mosquito carrying contagious microfilariae. A mosquito ...
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