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By Barbara A. Tilley | Dec 06, 2013

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Barbara A. Tilley


I am so happy to report that a request for a donation to the Prospect Heating Fund has been granted by Athena Health Services of Belfast, in the amount of $1,000. Every year they donate to non-profit organizations and the Heating Fund was chosen from a request I had submitted and Amanda Hamilton of town presented it to the Board. This donation will help some more families with Emergency Heat. A big Thank You to Athena Health and also Amanda Hamilton for alerting me to this program and the presentation. Just when it seems that we are nearing the end of the program, a Blessing shows up. We still are collecting bottles and cans for the fund with the container on the North end of the ramp. The sign was blown off by the high winds last week but that will be replaced soon. Thank you so much for your support.

Elwin and Gloria Boynton had a 2 week vacation which took them to South Carolina for a visit with Bob and Jan Phillips for a few days then on to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with son Tiger and family. Coming back, they went to see Sights and Sound-The Miracle of Christmas- in Philadelphia, which has been visited by thousands. Elwin had the misfortune of falling into the tub at the Motel and spent the greater part of the night and next morning in the hospital being checked out. Nothing broken but did find the cause of the fall being a drop in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate. They are now home but the soreness came home too. May your Holidays be better this month.

Cathy Parker is home after staying 4 days at EMMC for surgery and recovery. Her Gall Bladder had been giving her much pain and now it is gone. Enjoy your Holidays Cathy with your family.

Remember the Christmas Party for the Prospect Children, Dec. 14th. in the Prospect Community dining room. The celebration starts at Noon with pizza, ice cream and drinks followed by a craft, selection off the back table of slightly used toys and stuffed animals, singing of Christmas songs and the arrival of Santa at 1:30 to give out new wrapped gifts. The Kids store will be open up stairs in Maddie’s Hall for them to select a present for their parents and have them wrapped. Gifts not Kids. Think I will sit on Santa’s knee this time and ask for the deliverance of L Heap to those in need and Peace on Earth.

We have been fortunate with the weather, while the Midwest is suffering with extreme cold and snow. I pray that it peters out before it gets to Maine. We do not need extreme cold weather as the cost of fuel is so high and if you didn’t prepare for winter, it will be more costly. I think we should all fill our tanks in the summer so we can get a head start on winter. Its better than money in the bank, which does not pay much in interest and it does not spoil. In the last years of my Mother and Aunt Helen being alive, I gave them a credit on their oil bill of 100 gallons of oil and that helped them more than clothes or a gadget that they didn’t need. Just a suggestion.

Have you had your flu shot yet? I haven’t heard of many cases but it follows that if we have an open winter, there is more sickness so also get yourself ready for winter.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a prayer or a card. God Bless you all.

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