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By Barbara A. Tilley | Dec 19, 2013
Photo by: Barbara Tilley Santa Claus with Blayke Moody

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Barbara A. Tilley


I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and also Happy Birthday to Jesus our Savior. The weather sounds iffy for this coming weekend but maybe it will be better for Christmas.

The Center Piece that was for sale at Madie’s Place made by Mariann Helbig was won by Gloria Boynton and the money raised from the sale supplied one family here in town with a nice Christmas Basket of food and etc. The sale was sponsored by Maddie’s Place and Marlene’s Cleaning Service. What a nice gesture.

The Prospect Community Club also had a Christmas Dinner box in the store with square’s for sale and the winner of that was Carl Warman of Bucksport. Carl was a resident here in Prospect many years ago. I forsee many TV dinners from that 13 lb. turkey.

Sunday, I will be cooking a 23lb. turkey for our Family gathering at the dining room and sure hope that the weather man will give us decent traveling weather or I will also be having many, many TV dinners.

I will not be writing a column next week(Dec. 26th.) as I will be going to Pittston with Rosemarie. She is due to have a procedure done on her throat the 27th. in Lewiston and needs to have someone stay with her for 24 hours after. Paul will be holding down the fort here at home. Not much of a Christmas gift for her but as it is with specialists, you take the appointments when you can get them. I’ll catch up on the news the following week.

The Prospect Children’s Christmas Party December 14th. went well. We didn’t have as many children as last year but they enjoyed the pizza and the craft that Jenn had made cookies for. They decorated them with M & M’s, sprinkles, gummies and a few other things along with frosting. That was a little messy but they really show their Van Gogh side when decorating them. There was a Kids Store up stairs in Maddie’s Hall and after they had selected presents for their parents from the large display of items, the gifts were wrapped and then down to see Santa Claus arrive. There were enough presents to have two rounds of gifts and then a special drawing was held. The name drawn was Hunter Bennett and he won the 16” Huffy Bike with training wheels that I had won at the Christmas Yankee Swap last week. He rode it around the dining room and then decided it was too small for him so he gave it to his friend Blayke Moody, who was delighted to get it. We all thought that was quite a gesture for someone so young and told him so. Thanks to Jenn McVeigh for furnishing the crafts materials and helping the children with their designs, Julie Briggs, Linda Gamble and Lois Gianni for wrapping the presents for the kids and to Santa Claus. Also thank you to individuals that donated items for the Kids Store. They really have a chance to select some very nice presents.

There will not be any Coffee Time for the next two weeks because of the Holidays but will start up again Jan. 8th. 2014 at 1:00 PM in the dining room.

Remember that the Town Office will be closed Dec. 27th. for the Holidays and Dec. 31st. for last of the year business. Dog taxes and Real Estate taxes are due at the end of the year.

The check of $1,000 from athenaheatlh was received the other day for the Prospect concerns heating Fund. We wish to thank them for this donation and hope that with what we have in the Fund will help with emergency fuel and also pray that LHeap funds are being distributed now.

I want to wish you a safe and healthy week and Merry Christmas and please remember those that need a prayer or a card. God Bless you all.

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