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Reward for runaway cow, prisoner confesses to setting jail afire, new ladder for Ducktrap alewives

Sep 19, 2016

Sept. 11, 1834

“Whereas we the undersigned have been appointed by the County Commissioners a committee to open and make a piece of Country road through the west part of Waldo Plantation, give notice that we will meet at the house of Benjamin Frost in Waldo on Monday the 22nd inst, at nine o’clock A.M., for the purpose of entering into contract with some person or persons to open and make said road passable for winter use this fall, to be completed next season. Good bonds will be required. John T. Poor, Robey Frye, Joseph Drew, Committee.”

“Strayed Cow. A Black Cow with a white face and a defect in her right eye, has a small house bell on her neck, said cow has ran away from Belfast village and is supposed to have gone over the bridge towards Prospect. Whoever finds said Cow and will return her to me at Belfast or inform me where I can find her will be suitable rewarded. Peter H. Smith.”

Sept. 13, 1888

“Monday afternoon fire was discovered at the County Jail, in this city, the interior of the attic being on fire. There were but two prisoners in the jail at the time, J. C. Chandler, the alleged forger, and W. V. Gilman, confined for the larceny of a harness. Hose was coupled to a hydrant near by and as soon as the firemen could get at it the flames were quickly extinguished. A hole had to be cut in the floor to get at the flames. Gilman confessed to setting the fire and said when he got out he would burn the town down. He also said that Chandler told him to set the fire. Chandler says he knows nothing about it and denies Gilman’s charges.”

“Those who pass up and down Northport avenue have had their eyes gladdened this season by the wealth of flowers in the tasteful garden of Mrs. Geo. W. Cottrell. Last week a portion of its fragrance and beauty, in the form of a bouquet, graced the editor’s desk, and acknowledgement is here made to the donor.”

Sept. 11, 1930

“Supt. N. S. Read reports the following as the registration in the city schools: Crosby High senior class 64; juniors, 68; sophomore, 81; freshman, 102; and two post graduates. Peirce School, 208, McLellan School, 224.”

“Miss Lucy A. Barker, R. N., the Red Cross nurse, will be at the office every Thursday afternoon from 2 to 4 to weigh and measure babies and children and to talk with anyone who wishes to see her.”

“Members of the Belfast Garden Club will have a plant exchange at the home of Mrs. Arthur Ritchie, Church street, Friday, Sept. 12, at 2 p. m.”

Sept. 12, 1974

“The Belfast Buckle-Downers will complete their ninth year of club work as project record sheets are passed in to the leader by September 15. Membership pins and awards for outstanding project work will be presented at 4-H Achievement Day to be held at the Belfast Area High School on September 28.”

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: William Peter Blatty’s “The Exorcist.”

“A new fishway has been constructed around the dam at Pitcher Pond by the Bridge Construction Company under contract by the Department of Marine Resources. It is hoped that the ‘ladder’ will allow the Ducktrap River alewife run to re-establish itself by letting the fish into Pitcher Pond and Knight’s Pond to spawn as they did before the dam was constructed some number of years ago.”

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