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By Jeff Davis | Dec 13, 2013
Photo by: Jeff Davis Former and current Stockton Springs EMS Directors Phyllis Hall and Charles (Chas) O'Hare wait to escort the Wreaths Across America through Stockton Springs.

Municipal News

The Select Board's regular scheduled meeting begins at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 19 at the town hall.

The town hall will be closed on Christmas Day.

Select Board member Lesley Cosmano would like to remind us of the Books & Toys for Children Tree at the Town Office. The Town Clerks accept donations of new books and toys (unwrapped) and put them on display for our needy families to do a little free Holiday Shopping for their children. Of course, they are still collecting Food for the Searsport Food Pantry. She advises, “With food on the table and a small gift from Santa, I’m sure we can brighten the homes of some of our families.” Lesley remembers the less fortunate not only during the holidays, but throughout the year. We are fortunate to have her on our team.

The road sand pile placed outside the gates of the town garage has seen some use lately. I live down the road from the garage and see residents filling buckets in preparation for the next storm. When they had to install a fence around the public works area, they placed a pile outside for local use. I have an asphalt drive and have no use for road sand, but I believe there is a limit to what you are asked to take. Please remember the purpose of the pile. And keep in mind that the same camera that watches the gate watches the pile.

Volunteer News

Lee Snyder emailed me to remind me that “far too many to name Post members are really into the Christmas Spirit. In addition to donating over $500 to sponsor a military family in need of some Christmas help, the post also contributed part of the $738 raised in the District 11 sponsorship of a military family along with the Unity and Palermo posts. These same members of the Stockton Springs Post are also acting on Santa’s behalf by answering letters for him sent in from surrounding children from Stockton Springs, Searsport and Prospect. Additionally, the post distributed twenty-one $25 Food Certificates (seven each to Stockton Springs, Searsport, and Prospect) to help families in need of a better Christmas meal.” Merry Christmas from the Jerry Dobbins Post 157 of the American Legion.

Pat Curley and all the volunteers of the Stockton Springs Community Library wish to announce that Cathie Melio and her husband Dana Leighton have been chosen the library's Volunteers of the Year for 2013, for all the behind the scene work they have done for the library. I dropped in on the annual Historical Society Party and was present when Pay advised Cathie. I should have brought the camera. Her expression would have made a great picture. Congratulations to Cathie and Dana and thanks to all of our library volunteers.

From the Columnist

I don't know that I will ever get use to writing a column a week in advance. I am writing this one on Dec. 13 for publication next week. Ergo, I miss a lot. Of course, if the purpose is to advise you of upcoming scheduled events, then we have no problem. But some read the paper expecting to hear about something that happened the day before. I was chastised this week for not writing about something that had not yet happened. We can't do that.

The first week in December was a big week in town. On Dec. 7, our Spirit of America award winners were honored. 2013 winner Bruce Suppes joined the ranks of Jeffery Kneeland and the volunteers of SSCL as they were recognized for their tireless community spirit. What these volunteers do is more that a nice effort. We live in an area of little economic opportunity. As a result, many of the services offered in other communities would not happen here if not for these volunteers. The need to develop our harbor to attract economic opportunity, the need for a library to enlightened the minds of our children and provide adults with services that every adult in any community needs, the need to provide our children with a decent place to exercise and play is indisputable. These responsibility individuals are not helping us. They are saving us. Thank you, Stockton Springs Spirit of America award winners.

On that same day, the Sandy Point Ladies Aid held their annual Christmas Bazaar at the American Legion Post. I picked up five boxes of fudge made by the Sandy Point Community Club, five paring knifes that never need sharpening from the Sandy Point Congregational Church and five handmade shell Christmas ornaments from the Sunday School of the Stockton Springs Community Church. They wish to buy a water buffalo for some needy children. God bless them. Now, I don't need all this stuff. I like to sharpen knives and have no need for a paring knife that never needs sharpening. These are Christmas gifts. Last year, I decided to start buying either locally or from my Lazy Boy. So far, it has worked out. Normally, I say that if I can't get it at Reny's, Vikings, or Jerry's Hardware, then you don't need it. But if I can get a paring knife that never needs shopping right here in town, so much the better. Merry Christmas, local merchants and bazaar holders.

On Dec. 8, the Historical Society and the SSCL held their annual Christmas Party. As mentioned above, they announced their Volunteer of the Year and honored all their volunteers with a beautiful lay out of homemade dishes and goodies. At the same time, the annual French's Point Christmas Bazaar was going on. I went down when it started and bought our Christmas tree. Our plan was to deck our halls and return for the lighting of the tree. But my lights were in a very large ball. I think I must have lost patience last year and just crammed stuff away. I had to repair three ornaments.So, we were late and got there just in time to have our picture taken with Santa. But, by all reports, it was a glorious event.

For me, the highlight of the weekend was the passing of the Wreaths Across America through town. I was advised of the passing last week by Searsport TRJ columnist Dick Desmarais. It was thought that it would come through Stockton Springs around 11-11:30 a.m. I checked the Main Street Market around that time and met Lorrie Weymouth, who told me they were gathering at the Legion Hall. When I went there, I was told the caravan was in Orland and due in around twenty minutes. So, I went to the bridge to see them cross there. It was at the scenic turnout that I saw our new town cruiser, the ambulance and one of our fire trucks. It was there that I knew I could live up to my promise of last week to get you a decent picture. It was a beautiful sight to see our EMS, in essence, take the baton from the city of Bucksport and deliver the caravan of wreaths to neighboring Searsport. I posted a video of the Bucksport transition on Youtube. George video taped the Searsport hand off and posted it on Facebook. It was an event that I shall never forget.

The picture is of our former and current EMS directors sitting in the ambulance, waiting escort the wreaths through town. Again, for me, it is the most memorable moment of the weekend. However, I am pretty partial about the people of the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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