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Rockport, ME 04846
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Since 1999 The Harley Company has been providing landscaping, property
maintenance and property caretaking services in the Midcoast Maine
area.  No matter how large or small the project, what season it is, or
whether it’s commercial property or residential property - we do it

Exceeding our customer's expectations is our top priority. We will
work with you to design a landscape that is shaped uniquely for you,
your property, your lifestyle, and most importantly your budget. In
addition to landscaping services and lawn maintenance, we also offer
professional caretaking services to coastal Maine residents, whether
it be a seasonal home that needs tending to or a year round home that
requires care while you are away. In the winter we offer snow removal
and plowing services as well, allowing us to be your year round
exterior handymen.

With a combined 70 years of staff experience The Harley Company will
provide the services you need and deserve as it relates to
landscaping, property maintenance and property caretaking services. We
are confident our work will exceed your greatest expectations!

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The Harley Company,Inc is looking for experienced Lawn Care people to run a mow crew. A drivers license and a professional attitude a must. Needed ASAP
Avoid Frost Heaves on your Property

Walkways and patios can take serious beatings during the winter. To reduce the likelihood of water damage, keep your hardscape free of water and debris to avoid heaving. The Harley Company has provided landscaping, stonescaping, property maintenance and property caretaking services in Midcoast ...
Did You Plant A Tree Last Year?

Did you plant a new tree on your property last year? If so, consider staking the tree if it is in a windy spot or is top-heavy. Attach the tree to takes using wide pieces of a strong, weather-resistant material such as canvas or rubber. For more information, call The Harley Company at 207-594-247...
When should you prune your shrubs?

The dormant season is the best time to prune summer blooming shrubs. To speak to an expert about winter landscaping, contact The Harley Company at 207-594-2471. The Harley Company has provided landscaping, stonescaping, property maintenance and property caretaking services in Midcoast Maine ...
Gardening in the Fall

Spring isn’t the only time of year that is good for planting. Although the chill that starts to creep into the air may not seem like good conditions for working on your landscape, here are a few reasons why it may be worth it to add new plants during the Fall: Everything starts to go dormant in ...
Landscaping and Stonework
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