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By Jessica Higgins | Dec 26, 2013

By Jessica Reynolds

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In Our World:

Hope you all made it safely threw Ice Storm 2013! I also hope you all have your power back on! We was very lucky we lost it for a little while,but I know some of you was without it for day!

While traveling to my grandmothers Christmas morning the trees was beautiful!All covered in ice and the sun shining threw. We did see CMP workers trying to get lines restored for people. Thank you to all of the line men and women for working threw out the storm,nights and holiday to get everyone's power back up and running.

I was very thankful for our wood stove threw this storm that is for sure! Hope you all had wood stoves or generators.

Our Christmas was good. I love seeing the looks on Kelsey and Lindsay's faces when they open gifts. I love being with my whole family at my grandmothers,so nice to see everyone and have the chance to spend time with them.

Hope you all have a Happy and Safe New Year! Happy 2014!! Make this year better than ever!

Quote of the Week:

~Choose happiness today by taking life moment by moment, complaining very little, and being thankful for the little things that mean a lot.~

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