Vera Petra Design at Beyond The Sea

By Beyond the Sea | Sep 19, 2014




Vera Petra Design is to be experienced.  I can't explain the lovely, serene feeling one gets from the gentle and exquisite hues and shapes.  We have our first pieces in the shop.  Please come by and see for yourself.  Lovely vases and bowls.

About Vera Petra Design
My work is inspired by the art of ancient civilizations and the beauty of nature. Working in the studio is like this: when I touch a piece of clay I never know exactly what will be the outcome. A rough but sensible form appears in minutes out of nowhere, and I enjoy this very first stage of the design. Then I take my time to refine the form to arrive at the sculpture it becomes. This process is very satisfying.

My ceramics combine sculptural, functional, and decorative qualities to ​bring joy to your home and smiles to your guests. Intricately formed pieces are completed with carefully chosen glazes that please the eye with muted colors or sharp contrasts. Starting with low-fire clay, I glaze each piece inside and out for durability. 

While my work is dishwasher safe, I recommend hand washing.

- Terry Simijis
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