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By Jordan M Bailey | Dec 30, 2013

by Tom Seymour

This week’s news will be short and sweet, since my power was out and I couldn’t send it in until a day after the due date. But the big news is the ice storm.

On the night of Dec. 27, as many as 10 trucks from an out-of-state utility company slowly made their way along East Waldo Road, trimming offending limbs and making ready Central Maine Power to throw the switch.

Then, in an instant, the power came back. The first sound I heard was my well pump running. I was worried that with the electrical heat tape not functioning for four days, my pipes may had frozen. But after a minute or so the pump shut off, indicating that all was well.

I’ll try and have more on how Waldo fared in next week’s news. Meanwhile, I wish everyone affected by this event the best and I do hope that no one suffered any serious loss.

Weekly quote

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.” – Mark Twain

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