Where Can I Go for Physical Therapy?

By Downeast Rehabilitation Associates | Apr 24, 2014

Often when a patient goes to see his/her doctor for a physical ailment of any sort, the doctor will recommend the patient get treatment from a physical therapist. The doctor then writes a prescription for physical therapy to a certain location. Sometimes the doctor's choice may be based on the type of treatment the patient needs and knows this physical therapist (PT) can provide it. Other times, certain PT's may have a specialty. Sometimes, the choice may be random. But what if the PT clinic the doctor suggests is difficult to travel to? Or perhaps there is a "waiting list" at the PT clinic that requires a wait of several days...or weeks... before the patient can be seen? What if the patient is more familiar with a certain clinic because of a previous rehab experience there, or a friend recommends it? Then the patient has the option of requesting the physical therapy clinic of their choosing for their rehab care. As a matter of fact, the patient ALWAYS has the option of choosing their physical therapy provider. If you have a question about whether the PT clinic you want can provide the service you need, you could call the clinic and ask to speak with a therapist. They can help you decide if their clinic is appropriate for you, or perhaps suggest another clinic that may be able to provide you with the help you need. Call Downeast Rehab in Rockport Mon.- Fri. at 596-0374 with any questions you may have regarding PT services we provide. There is never a "waiting list" to get in at Downeast Rehab. You will be scheduled for an evaluation and treatment if necessary within 3 business days of your initial phone call. Call 596-0374 today for details

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