A man who was arrested in connection with a report that he stabbed a woman with a fork in Unity last July pleaded guilty to one of three charges he faced as part of a plea agreement.

Raymond Miner III, 23, of Knox, appeared at Waldo County Superior Court Jan. 5 and pleaded guilty to a charge of domestic violence assault as part of a plea agreement. In exchange, the state agreed to drop charges of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and terrorizing with a dangerous weapon. In August, a Waldo County Grand Jury indicted Miner on all three charges.

Miner was arrested July 25 after police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at his Unity residence (Miner has since moved out of the house). Upon arrival, police reportedly learned that Miner had become upset with a female because she arrived home late. The couple’s argument then escalated, and according to police records, the female reported that Miner stabbed her with a fork. In addition, the female stated to police that Miner had threatened to stab her in the eye with a screwdriver, and she displayed bruising on her body where she alleged Miner punched her and attempted to stab her with the fork.

Deputy District Attorney Eric Walker said the plea agreement also included a deferred disposition on the assault charge. Walker said that means that if Miner can adhere to conditions set by the court for the next year, the state would then dismiss the assault charge. If not, however, Miner would be convicted of the charge.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm explained to Miner that if he were convicted of the assault charge, he would be subject to restrictions on his right to possess firearms because the charge is domestic violence-related.

Miner, who was present with his attorney, Marvin H. Glazier, of Bangor, pleaded guilty to the assault charge.

After Hjelm accepted the plea, Walker set several conditions for Miner’s deferred disposition. They included a requirement that Miner pay the court $10 per month for a supervision fee, undergo psychological counseling to the satisfaction of the District Attorney’s Office and that he enter into a contract with Volunteers of America. Walker added that Miner has been out on bail for seven months and there have been “no problems” with Miner adhering to his bail conditions, particularly the one dictating that he have no contact with the victim.

Walker asked that Miner’s bail conditions remain in place, and Hjelm granted the request.

Hjelm also advised Miner to keep in regular contact with his attorney and keep him abreast of his progress over the next year.