With the holidays now a distant memory as most look forward to 2010, the basketball courts were overrun Monday with teams throughout the area in action as the Busline League Large School Division playoffs are days away.

The regular season is set to close Wednesday, Jan. 6, with the playoffs set to kick off next week. The championship games are slated for Tuesday, Jan. 19 and Wednesday, Jan. 20 at Camden-Rockport Middle School

The following is a recap of reported results from Monday action:

Boys basketball

At Boothbay, the Medomak Valley eighth-graders dropped a 61-56 overtime decision to the host Wildcats. Boothbay led 14-10, 23-20 and 33-31 at the quarter breaks, with the Riverhawks coming back to tie the game 48-48 at the end of regulation.

Nate Mazanec had 23 points to lead the Riverhawks, while Adam Feender added 11; Tim Farrar, nine; Devin Field, six; Caidsen Willis, five; and Zach Little, two.

For Boothbay, Maddocks netted 22 points, while Hallinan added 12; Drummond and Spofford, each six; Arsenault, five; Hasch, three; Alamo, Campbell and Scully, all two; and Ripley, one.

At Boothbay, the Medomak Middle School seventh-graders fell to the host Wildcats 47-23. Boothbay led 11-4, 21-8 and 35-16 at the quarter breaks.

Cody Heal led the Riverhawks with seven points, while Noah Beck added four and Glen Weeks, Lonnie Adolphsen, Micah Williamson, Tyler Emerson and Jamie Temple each netted two.

For Boothbay, John Hepburn poured in 23 points, while Evan Hepburn added 12; Joe DiMauro and Nick Kilgus, both four; and Aaron Dickinson and Collin Thompson, both two.

At Camden, the Camden-Rockport Middle School seventh-graders posted a 50-39 win over Wiscasset. The Schooners led 11-4, 26-14 and 39-28 at the quarter breaks.

Drew Holt had 15 points to lead CRMS, while Andrew Hall added 11; Daulton Wickenden seven; Matt Crockett, six; Will Barrows, four; Drew Long, three; and Ryan Pierce and Dimitri Kestenbaum, two.

For the Warriors, Daren Wood netted 12 points, while Dylan McMahon added 10, Thomas Anderson, eight, J.D. Souza, four; Matthew Craig, two; and Ridge Barnes, one.

Also at Camden, the Camden-Rockport Middle School eighth-graders defeated Wiscasset 56-36. The Schooners led 17-11, 37-13 and 48-27 at the quarter breaks.

Chandler Crans poured in 24 points to lead the Schooners, while Colin Morse added 10; Jayson Kuhn, eight; Duncan Hall, Terron Bailey and Connor Graffam, each four; and Joey Chamberlain, two.

For the Warriors, Travis Padilla netted 12 points, while Matt Johnson added eight; Austin Haskell and Walker Mallory, both four; and Nate Panarese, Chandler Longfellow, Jon Weeks and Nick Smelcer, all two.

At Belfast, the Rockland District Middle School seventh-graders defeated host Troy Howard 31-27. The Eagles led 7-6 after the first quarter, while the Lions battled back to tie the game 17-17 at halftime. RDMS then took a 31-27 lead after three quarters.

Zach Peaco netted 12 points for the Eagles, while Nate Philbrook added 10; Zeke Hamlin, four; Ryan Allender and Alden Wadsworth, both two; and Zach Roman, one.

For the Lions, Drew Nealey netted eight points, while Matt Darres added six; Jordan Bickford, five; Alex Canning, four; and Brian Lowe, three.

Girls basketball

At Rockland, the Troy Howard Middle School eighth-graders defeated host Rockland District Middle School 31-27. The game was knotted 9-9 after the first quarter, while the Lions took a 12-11 halftime edge and a 19-16 lead after three quarters.

Ashley Littlefield had 11 points for Troy Howard, while Maddie Cummings added nine; Hannah Bailey, five; Paige Profitt, four; and Sam Moores, two.

For the Eagles, Brooke Dugan tossed in 13 points, while Kim Young added seven; Emma Spencer, five; and Laura Mank and Trittany Penn, both one.

Troy Howard was 8-of-20 (40 percent) from the free-throw line, while Rockland went 7-of-22 (32 percent).

Also at Rockland, the Rockland District Middle School seventh-graders defeated Troy Howard Middle School 44-9. The Eagles led 9-0, 26-1 and 29-5 at the quarter breaks.

Payton Billingsley netted 10 points for RDMS, while Emily Gould added eight; Ashley Gardiner, Kasey Buretta and Jordan Carpenter, all four; and Jackie Thorbjornson, Audrey Raymond, Rosa Maris, Janelle Fowlie, Brittany Rytky, Paige Widdecombe and Amanda Hoppe, all two.

Kennadee Baker netted six points for the Lions, while Catey McGinn added two and Kelsey Faulkingham one.

At Bristol, the Medomak Middle School seventh-graders dropped a 38-21 decision to the undefeated hosts. The Blue Devils led 8-3, 20-8 and 27-11 at the quarter breaks.

Hannah Heald led the Riverhawks with nine points, while Hannah Marks and Lexi Genthner each added four and Laura Dyer and Aidan Skov, both two.

For the Blue Devils, Morgan Crocker had 17 points, while Courtney Brewer added eight; Sarah Durgin, six; Nicole Rize, four; Abby McGrail, two; and Elizabeth Bailey, one.

At Boothbay, the Medomak Middle School eighth-graders fell to the host Wildcats 37-27. The Wildcats led 10-5, 21-11 and 29-15 at the quarter breaks.

Sammie Griffin and Taylor Mason each scored seven points for the Riverhawks, while Halie Haskins added six; Amanda Young, four; and Samantha Taylor, three.

Abby McLellan led for Boothbay with 17 points, while Brooke Alley added eight; Rebecca Giles, six; and Sophia Thayer, Hannah Brewer and Lexi Morse, all two.

At Wiscasset, the Camden-Rockport Middle School eighth-graders earned a 59-39 win over the host Warriors. The game was knotted 10-10 after the first quarter, while the Schooners nabbed a 28-16 halftime lead and a 42-27 lead after three quarters.

Addie Drinkwater netted 26 points for CRMS, while Melanie Vangel added 11; Brittany Bowman, 10; Hannah Corney and Natalie Hamalainen, each three; Kaianne Crockett and Allison Warren, both two; and Kiera Haining and Paige Christie, both one.

For Wiscasset, Brianna Gould led with 14 points, while Kasey Cromwell added eight; Shania Marr, four; Hannah Foye, three; and Sam Sutter, Miranda McIntyre, Kayla Gordon and Hannah Meise, all two.

Click for more photos from the Troy Howard at Rockland District Middle School girls seventh-grade game.

Click for more photos from the Troy Howard at Rockland District Middle School girls eighth-grade game.

Click for more photos from the Rockland District Middle School at Troy Howard boys seventh- and eighth-grade games.

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