The agenda for the Tuesday, Jan. 12 RSU 20 Board of Director’s meeting contains items indicating that directors will revisit — and rescind — its Dec. 15 decision to advertise the superintendent’s post that is currently held by Bruce Mailloux.

Under the section of the agenda for new business, directors plan to “enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing the annual evaluation of the superintendent of schools.” That agenda item also indicated the board would take some kind of action on the superintendent’s contract. In addition, the agenda states that directors will “rescind the board’s action of Dec. 15, 2009 to open the position of superintendent of schools,” and lastly, “act on extension of the superintendent’s contract.”

Directors passed the motion to advertise the superintendent’s job at a special meeting Dec. 15, which was billed as an executive session aimed at conducting the annual evaluation of the superintendent. The 8-3 vote dictated that the district seek out new applicants for the post, but according to RSU board chair Jean Dube, Mailloux was “invited and encouraged to apply.” Of the 17 directors on the board, 11 of them were present for the special meeting that pertained to Mailloux’s evaluation.

Dube, who represents Morrill, and fellow director Miles Gray of Belfast, both confirmed that Mailloux was not present for the executive session, nor was he invited to take part.

Wednesday, Jan. 6, Mailloux said the board was revisiting the matter of his evaluation and rescinding its Dec. 15 action to advertise the superintendent’s job because the directors did not proceed properly when making that decision.

“The previous action was not done according to the process,” he said.

Mailloux also addressed the third item under new business regarding the extension of the superintendent’s contract.

“It doesn’t mean they’re going to do it,” he said, adding that revisiting the issue may not change the outcome of the board’s vote.

A phone call to Dube was not immediately returned Tuesday night, Jan. 5.

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan.12 at 6:30 p.m., and it will take place at the Troy Howard Middle School cafeteria in Belfast.