When a new steel building starts going up, everyone notices and wants to know what it is. The construction taking place on Northport Avenue, across from Waldo County General Hospital, is no exception.

The two-story building, which is scheduled to be completed in May and occupied in June, will house Dialysis Clinics Inc. on the first floor and hospital offices, which are currently located in an old hotel building, on the second.

Keith Gothard, corporate administrator for DCI, a nonprofit company that provides outpatient dialysis services across the United States, said leasing the new space will allow his company to expand from six dialysis stations to 12 in order to serve more patients. Currently DCI is treating 24 patients at the hospital in two shifts Monday through Saturday.

“We will be able to treat more patients with the same staff,” said Gothard. “The clinic is currently in a wonderful space with windows, but it is only 1,600 square feet. The new space will be just under 5,000 square feet and will be more attractive and comfortable for the patients and staff.”

Renal disease, which is generally caused by diabetes or hypertension, is increasing from 4 to 8 percent per year. Gothard said the added stations will allow patients currently traveling out of the area to get their treatments, to receive them closer to home.

Expected to be located on the second floor of the 13,960-square-foot building are community relations, physician practice management, care partners and human resources. Sheridan Corporation of Fairfield is the general contractor for the new building.