Instate high school wrestling tournaments do not get any better — or talent laden — than the traditional and annual Redskin Invitational in Sanford.

Two of the teams that competed in the two-day tournament, held Friday and Saturday, were Camden Hills and Belfast, perennial state Class B championship contenders.

Camden Hills again proved it is the team to beat in Class B this winter as the Windjammers finished third behind an out-of-state school and Maine’s top Class A squad. Belfast, the two-time defending state Class B champion, finished ninth in the Redskin event.

Camden Hills’ Jacob Powers finished first in the 160-pound weight class, while several other local grapplers finished among the top six in their divisions, including Powers’ younger brother Coleman, who finished second at 103, and teammates Brandon Rich at 140 and Anthony Batty at 171.

The team scores were: Cumberland, R.I. 241, Massabesic “A” of Waterboro 197, Camden Hills 174.5, Mountain Valley of Rumford 157, Marshwood of Eliot 153, Lisbon of Lisbon Falls 152, York 101.5, North Providence, R.I. 87, Belfast 86, Bonny Eagle of Standish 72, Noble of Berwick 63, Scarborough 53.5, Sanford “A” 46, Calais 30, Portland 25, Oyster River 22, Massabesic “B” 9, Cheverus of Portland 5, Marshwood “B” 5, Catherine McAuley of Portland 4, Sanford “B” no score.

The individual results for Windjammer and Lion wrestlers were:

103 pounds — C. Powers, CH, pinned Elliot Allen, Marsh “B”, at 1:28; won by major decision over Iain Whitis, Chev, 9-1; lost to Mike Murphy, North Providence, 4-0; won by major decision over Reaha Goyetche, York, 11-1; and pinned Tyler Lapierre, Noble, at 4:48 in the consolation final. Powers finished third.

Evan Drinkwater, Bel, was pinned by Whitis, Chev, at 0:53; won by major decision over Allen, Marsh “B”, 9-0; and lost to Goyetche, York, 5-2.

112 pounds — Jordan Young, Bel, pinned Amber Libby, McAuley, at 1:08; lost to Forrest Cornell, Lis, 5-4; pinned Noah Howard, Oyster River, at 0:19; beat Nick Pizzi, North Providence, 4-2; lost to Gage DeRosier, Mass, 4-1; and forfeited to Ryan Burgess, MountVal, Young finished sixth.

119 pounds —Brent Waterman, Bel, pinned Jordan Miles, San, at 1:26; beat Matt Jenkins, Marsh, 20-18; lost to Ethan Gilman, Mass, 6-2; beat Jay Simone, North Providence, 7-2; and lost by injury default to Jenkins, Marsh, in the consolation final. Waterman finished fourth.

Calan Bragg, CH, pinned Cody Brown-Mehan, Port, at 0:20; was pinned by Gilman, Mass, at 1:37; pinned Jared Petruzzella, York, at 2:17; and forfeited to Jenkins, Marsh.

125 pounds — Zac Fields, CH, pinned Matt Hatch, San, at 1:29; beat Peter LePage, Mass, 4-0; lost to Jeff Cole, Oyster River, 5-2; won by major decision over Josh Pomerleau, Lis, 12-2; and lost to Scott Carpenter, Calais, 6-4 in the consolation final. Fields finished fourth.

130 pounds — Tom Cassidy, CH, received a first-round bye; beat Emerson DeBritto, North Providence, 11-5; lost to Ryan Cook, BE, 4-1; beat Caleb Jones, Marsh, 3-0; and beat John Maccini, Cumb, 4-3 in the consolation final. Cassidy finished third.

Winston Poole, Bel, was pinned by Chris Mendoza, at 1:01; received a second-round bye; and was pinned by DeBritto, North Providence, at 2:10.

135 pounds — Max Bragg, CH, pinned Ben Whitten, Sanford “B”, at 1;14; beat Joe Provencher, MountVal, 5-1; was pinned by Matt Nicholson, Lis, at 3:07; pinned Jake Cardoza, Cumb, at 3:27; and lost by major decision to Ethan Norwald, Mass, 8-0 in the consolation final. Bragg finished fourth.

Joey Ward, Bel, was pinned by Billy Gauthier, York, at 0:40; and was pinned by Josh Strumph, BE, at 0:15.

140 pounds — Rich, CH, received a first-round bye; pinned Kyle Jamison, Scar, at 1:43; beat Chris Smith, Cumb, 4-3; and lost to John Thornton, MountVal, 3-2 in the championship final. Rich finished second.

Jesse Kameneisky, Bel, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Kevin Kinahan, BE, at 1:12; and was pinned by Stefano Famiglietti, North Providence, at 2:33.

145 pounds — Ethan Fitzjurls, Bel, was pinned by Nick Maccini, Cumb, at 4:40; and had a double forfeit with Isaiah Brown, Sanford “B.”

Neal Harrison-Billiat, CH, lost to Colby Ames, Mass, 9-3; and lost to Pat Cormier, Port, 4-0.

152 pounds — R.J. Muir, CH, received a first-round bye; beat Justin Philbrook, Bel, 7-2; lost by major decision to Max Alfiero, BE, 9-1; pinned Zach Faskianos, York, at 0:56; and lost to Taylor Carey, MountVal, 5-1 in the consolation final. Muir finished fourth.

Philbrook, Bel, pinned Ben MIlo, San, at 1:03; lost to Muir, CH, 7-2; won by major decision over Ryan Stacy, Marsh, 11-2; won by major decision over Jon Badger, Noble, 11-1 lost by major decision to Carey, MountVal, 13-4; and pinned Faskianos, York, at 3:34. Philbrook finished fifth.

160 pounds — J. Powers, CH, pinned Dan Lizotte, Marsh, at 3:20; won by technical fall over Hamlet Ghukasyame, Scar, 18-1; beat Chris Dunbar, North Providence, 2-0; and beat Connor Bogan, San, 8-2 in the championship final. Powers finished first.

Forrest Boynton, Bel, pinned Rafael Matta, York, at 1:59; was pinned by Dunbar, North Providence, at 0:43; and was pinned by Tyler Duhamel, Cumb, at 1:19.

171 pounds — Batty pinned Zach Perigo, San, at 0:27; pinned Brad Stephens, York, at 4:50; won by forfeit over Stephen Martin, BE; and was pinned by Cam Glad, Cumb, at 0:58 of the championship final. Batty finished second.

Kornealius Wood, Bel, pinned Nate Steves, Noble, at 0:42; pinned Joe Emerson, Marsh, at 3:19; lost to Glad, Cumb, 3-1 in overtime; won by forfeit over David Norton, Mass; and pinned Emerson, Marsh, at 1:32 in the consolation final. Wood finished third.

189 pounds — Peter Kelley, Bel, pinned Jake Barrisano, Marsh, at 1:08; lost by technical fall to Tom LaCroix, Cumb, 16-0; pinned Levi Boudreau, Noble, at 1:08; beat Matt Masotti, North Providence, 6-5; was pinned by Nick Walker, Mass, at 1:10; and was pinned by Josh Allen, MountVal, at 1:46. Kelley finished sixth.

Brandon Graffam, CH, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Art Stambach, Lis, at 0:17; pinned Barrisano, Marsh, at 1:47; and was pinned by Allen, MountVal, at 0:49.

215 pounds — Rhett Chase, CH, pinned Adam Krajanowski, Cumb, at 0:47; beat Christian Durland, MountVal, 10-7; lost to Joe Doughty, Lisbon, 6-2; pinned Austin Wallace, York, at 0:36; and lost to Durland, MountVal, 7-5 in the consolation final. Chase finished fourth.

Wyatt Roberts, Bel, was pinned by Pat Damicis, Scar, at 1:45; pinned Travis Smith, BE, at 1:04; and was pinned by Wallace, York, at 0:16.

285 pounds —Justin Boyle, Bel, pinned Josh Delannoy, Cumb, at 1:07; was pinned by Ryan Glover, MountVa, at 5:43; and forfeited to Ryan Havelcheck, Lisbon.

Jeff Bailey, CH, was pinned by Glover, MountVal, at 4:19; and was pinned by Delannoy, Cumb, at 2:11.

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