A free transition to college class at the Hutchinson Center is open to anyone with a high school diploma or GED. It is designed for the non-traditional student to improve academic skills, build self-confidence and learn what’s necessary to succeed in college.

Mainers who have a college education earn more than those who have a high school diploma: on average, 39 percent more with an associate’s degree (2 years), and 63 percent more with a bachelor’s degree (4 years).

The Hutchinson Center offers a 15-week semester that is designed to prepare students for college. The schedule is convenient for the non-traditional student’s busy life. Classes meet weekly in a college setting. The program provides assistance with all aspects of the college enrollment process, including academic skill-building, financial aid paperwork, counseling and more.

Classes begin Monday, Feb. 1 at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast. Call 338-3197, e-mail collegeconnect@sad34.net, or check the Web site, http://belfast.maineadulted.org/the_college_connection.