Justin and Jess Connor are chasing their dream of running their own photography business, but the husband-and-wife team only recently learned they shared an interest in looking at everyday life through a lens.

Finding time for discussing dreams and aspirations can be difficult for most couples, especially if they are raising a family. For the Connors, meeting the daily needs of three young children and maneuvering around school and work schedules often keep the couple busy on a fairly constant basis.

“We just never told each other that we wanted to do photography,” said Jess.

The Connors, who reside in Waldo, started dabbling in photography after the birth of their first child in 2003. In those days, the couple hadn’t yet made the switch from film to digital, but it was only a matter of time before the family invested in their first digital camera. It was a Christmas gift from Justin to Jess, and Jess wasted no time learning about the digital side of the art form she already loved — within the first hour of receiving it, Jess snapped over 800 frames.

Time went on, and the couple had two more children, giving Jess three constant subjects to focus on in addition to her duties as a stay-at-home mom.

Last November, Jess said, she and Justin agreed to upgrade to a new digital camera, a Canon D50. That way, the couple could create high quality candid photographs of their own children. Jess said she preferred that alternative because department store photos are often posed and do not depict how her children might act in the comfort of their own environment.

Meanwhile, their family and friends started taking notice of the photographs Jess posted of her children on Facebook, and soon Jess and Justin began fulfilling requests to shoot family gatherings, capture the first moments of a newborn’s life and snap pictures for friends’ engagement announcements.

“People just kept coming to us for photos,” Jess said. “We didn’t necessarily choose it, and we didn’t give it a name until after so many people had asked us to do it. Then it just became an obsession after we got our [new] camera.”

And as the Connors both realized they enjoyed being on the road and photographing folks in their everyday lives, they talked it over and each learned of the other’s interest in making photography a full-time job. It was then that J.C. Photography was born.

Now the Connors say they love their new roles as traveling photographers, and have provided their services for families in Skowhegan, West Newfield, Jay and Portland. In October, they plan to shoot a wedding in New Hampshire for a couple who serves in the Coast Guard. They photograph pets, children, families, senior portraits and also offer specialized services like documentary-style birth and maternity photography.

So far, the duo has encountered some interesting subjects, including a pair of pugs who are therapy dogs at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

“The pugs had actually met Barbara Bush,” said Jess with a smile.

The Connors say they’re focused on what the customer wants, and they offer what they call get-to-know-you sessions to help them make each session as personalized as possible.

“That way, we can tailor it to who we’re working with,” Jess said.

In addition, Jess and Justin maintain a blog on their business Web site talking about their adventures in traveling photography, and to walk others through their experiences of starting a business with no credit and no money in the bank.

“For us, this whole thing started pretty much on a whim,” said Jess. “If you wait, you may never follow your dreams.”

To learn more about J.C. Photography, visit jcphotographymaine.com, or contact the Connors at 342-2382 or by e-mail at jmconnor@fairpoint.net.