A plea on behalf of Future MSAD 3

For the past five years I have been a member of the nonprofit Future MSAD3. We are proud to include 18 members on our board now, as we have reached out to all 11 towns in MSAD 3. We are a mix of parents, grandparents, retired teachers, professionals and community members with an amazing array of strengths and backgrounds.

Our reason for being has been to enhance an already unbelievable school facility in Thorndike that our district’s children have been blessed with. An outstanding example of our group’s success is the fruition of the enhancements to the Clifford Performing Arts Center, which originally would have been much like our old cafeteria. What a difference our half a million dollars made!

Eagerly on to Phase Two, our group has committed its energies to enhancements to the athletic and recreational facilities. The necessary groundwork involving septic, water and electricity simply had to be addressed before work could proceed on the athletic fields. The First Things First campaign is our attempt to raise the necessary $124,000 to complete this groundwork. We are proud to announce that 278 contributors have donated more than $66,000, which means that we need to raise an additional $57,000.

As a mother of four Mount View graduates, a grandmother of eight, a retired district teacher, a district native and a former athlete myself, I fully appreciate what it takes to feed a child’s spirit. Athletics will keep our children active and help them learn to be productive. As members of a team, our athletes learn how to support one another, which in turn will encourage them to become positive contributors to our community.

Please join Future MSAD3 in reaching out to our friends, family, and neighbors in seeking contributions for the First Things First campaign.

Barbara Higgins