The following deed transfers were recorded from Jan. 8 through Jan. 14 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Steven G. LaRochelle to Gabrielle Gould.

Kenneth R. Gallant to John P. Dirlam and Patricia L. Dirlam.


Mechanics Savings Bank and Kim Linus Wadleigh to Bangor Savings Bank.


Amy Simoneau to Duke Simoneau.


Archie L. Rediker Jr. and Rita L. Rediker to Jeffrey J. Rediker.


Trevor A. Knowles to Trevor A. Knowles and Barbara C. Knowles.


Boyer Family Trust to Lurah Hess.

Boyer Family Trust to Deborah Harbaugh.

Boyer Family Trust to Kim Hess Collins.


Lucy J. Young to Lucy J. Young Revocable Trust.


Edward F. Libby to Gary Nevius and Cheryl Nevius.


Richard Harriman to Richard C. Trott Jr.


Town of Northport to Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust.

George W. Campbell to Kavanagh Scully Sudow White & Frederick Profit Sharing Plan.

Town of Northport to Susan Zittle.

Town of Northport to Harold Gray and Julie Gray.

Town of Northport to Earl S. Bowles and Sheri L. Bowles.

Town of Northport to Jerry Beaulieu and Linda Beaulieu.

Town of Northport to Clifford Christenson and Marcell Christenson.

Town of Northport to Sharon Fischer.

Town of Northport to Patricia Gardner.

Town of Northport to Nicole Flannery.

Town of Northport to Bonnie Littlefield.


Ralph F. Pilsbury, Susan M. Pilsbury, W. Carr Hussey, Jane S. Hussey, Thomas C. Pilsbury and Stanley A. York to Stephen E. Haskell and Mary I. Haskell.

Armand J. Cormier to Kevin R. Simard.

Allan W. Bath Est. to Steven Kingsley and Reina Kingsley.


Wallace E. Ryan to Denise Mello.

William A. Krokyn Est. to Shirley Krokyn Est.


Stockton Springs
Wetzel-Odonnell 3 Spinnaker Lane Realty Trust to Wetzel-Odonnell Family Irrevocable Trust.


Onufry W. Sedor to Jason Sedor.


Albert H. Adams Deed of Trust to Scott Foster Adams.

Sharon L. Kramar to Robert E. Knowles and Rae Jean Knowles.


Martha Bourassa Est. to Robert Bourassa.


Donald W. Parks Est. and Donald L. Parks Est. to Donald W. Parks.