After several failed pump inspections, Liberty town officials have called a special town meeting to consider buying a new fire truck.

According to Fire Chief William Gillespie, the town’s sole front-line pumper, a 1988 FMC truck, has been putting out a decreasing number of gallons of water per minute. The manufacturer no longer produces fire trucks and replacement parts, unavailable to purchase, would need to be manufactured, which Gillespie said would be expensive.

Around the same time that the pumper was failing inspections, Gillespie found a 1988 Ford Telesquirt and a small ladder in Wisconsin. A mechanic inspected the vehicle and found it to be in good working order, Gillespie said. The new truck would cost Liberty residents $41,000.

On why the purchase wouldn’t wait until the annual town meeting in March, Gillespie said, “It’s one of those things where you find a truck that you need … Do you wait another two months and lose that truck?” Gillespie said he had already waited two months.

During the summer he looked at three trucks, the closest in Vermont. The Wisconsin truck was the only one that came with a ladder, which he said would make it easier for firefighters to get onto the town’s many metal-roofed homes.

Liberty has mutual aid arrangements with bordering towns: Washington, Searsmont, Montville and Palermo, in addition to participating in a countywide mutual aid agreement.

The special town meeting will be held in the Overlock Room of the Liberty Town Office at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21.