The Belfast Area High School wrestling team pinned down three wins Jan. 16 at Morse in Bath for a successful weekend on the mats.

The Lions wrestled Mount Blue of Farmington, Morse of Bath, Noble of Berwick and Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield for what Ted Heroux, the Belfast coach, said was a good day of wrestling.

Belfast, which is 17-4 in regular-season dual-meets this winter, beat Noble 45-33, Morse 48-42 and MCI 45-35, while losing to Mount Blue 48-29.

The individual BAHS results included:

103 pounds — Evan Drinkwater, Bel, pinned K. Longley, Nob, at 3:36; was pinned by G. Stevens, Mor, at 4:51; was pinned by K. Newbill, MtB, at 2:38; and pinned T. Kett, MCI, at 4:00.

112 pounds — Jordan Young, Bel, beat P. Quimby, Nob, 2-0; pinned D. Harrington, Mor, at 1:23; beat K. Moore, MtB, 7-6; and won by forfeit over MCI.

119 pounds — Brent Waterman, Bel, pinned H. Sheedy, Nob, at 2:49; pinned J. Barrett, Mor, at 1:15; pinned N. Hyde, MtB, at 0:53; and won by forfeit over MCI.

125 pounds — Winston Poole, Bel, was pinned by K. Hagen, Nob, at 0:22; was pinned by W. Bracket, Mor, at 1:07; was pinned by D. Blanchet, MtB, 1:06; and won by forfeit over MCI.

130 pounds — Belfast forfeited to W. Lassard, Noble; D. Fontanez, Mor; A. Courrier, MtB; and R. Gambling, MCI.

135 pounds — James Seekins, Bel, won by forfeit over Nob. Belfast forfeited to B. McDougal, Morse; G. Theriault, MtB; and H. Tibbitts, MCI.

140 pounds — Ethan Fitzjurls, Bel, was pinned by J. Badger, Nob, at 3:30; pinned L. Mareay, Mor, at 2:58; beat C. Lucas, MtB, 7-2; and won by forfeit over MCI.

145 pounds — Dylan Bernosky, Bel, was pinned by P. Pentley, Nob, at 1:29; pinned J. Loschiabo, Mor, at 5:03; was pinned by J. Iams, MtB, at 3:20; and won by forfeit over MCI.

152 pounds — Justin Philbrook, Bel, won by forfeit over Noble; pinned L. Collison, Mor, at 3:01; won by technical fall over R. Clark, MtB, 20-2; and lost to R. Goewey, MCI, at 21-4.

160 pounds — Forrest Boynton, Bel, won by forfeit over Noble; and pinned M. Alvarez, Mor, at 5:11. Lyndon Whitcomb, Bel, was pinned by C. Darrington, MtB, at 2:19. Jordan Luther, Bel, was pinned by B. Moholland, MCI, at 1:04.

171 pounds — Kornelius Wood, Bel, pinned N. Steeves, Nob, at 1:03; pinned, S. Marrero, Mor, at 0;36; pinned D. Bailey, MtB, at 1:54; and beat P. Hapworth, MCI, 5-4.

189 pounds — Peter Kelley, Bel, lost to M. Lewis, Nob, 11-10; pinned, C. Churchill, MtB, at 1:59; and pinned E. Leeman, MCI, at 0:36. Belfast forfeited to T. Russell, Mor.

215 pounds — Belfast forfeited to K. Collins, Nob; A. Cavanagh, Mor; T. Steward, MtB; and P. Garrett, MCI.

285 pounds — Justin Boyle, Bel, won by default over M. Bronenulle, Nob; and Boyle won by forfeit over MCI. Belfast forfeited to Z. Kidney, Mor; and M. Archer, MtB, won by forfeit.

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