A large portion of Bob Bishop’s life has been spent working seven days a week. While the 92-year-old man may now enjoy retirement, he hasn’t slowed his pace by much.

Most days, Bishop, of Belfast, can be found walking the track at the Waldo County YMCA. He is the oldest senior member at the Y.

Summer days are spent tending to a large garden and taking care of his Route 3 home, and most often he prefers to use the push mower instead of the rider to get some exercise while mowing the lawn.

“I can’t sit in that recliner very long. I have to get out and do something,” Bishop said.

Bishop said he found he wasn’t getting enough exercise during the winter, and that’s when one of his daughters purchased him a YMCA membership for Christmas. He said he has a snow blower, but his neighbor plows his driveway, which he is grateful for, but he doesn’t get outside much in the winter.

He’s been coming to the Y on a daily basis since and said he really enjoys it.

The man has a passion for cooking; a hobby he said has started to get him into some trouble.

“I am going to have to buy new trousers if I don’t lose some weight,” Bishop joked.

It takes 12 trips around the track to equal a mile. Bishop joked that he doesn’t feel 92 years old until the last lap.

“That last trip around, I feel old,” he said with a smile.

Some days he makes it the one mile without stopping, other days he has to take a break or two. He joked that every trip around takes him a little longer.

Since coming to the Y, he said he’s also tried the exercise equipment, but prefers walking. His daughters have suggested he try out the pool, but he’s not convinced yet, he said.

For 35 years, Bishop worked seven days a week growing potatoes on a 100-acre farm in Caribou. He also had 50 beef cattle. He recalled one winter when he had no help on the farm and tended to the cows all alone.

For another 20 years, Bishop worked in the motel business in Caribou, a job that also had him working every day of the week.

Bishop, a World War II veteran who was an anti-aircraft artillery operator in the Army, was among the soldiers who stormed the Normandy coast in France on D-Day. He spent two years in Europe in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Holland.

“I made it all the way through without a scratch, but I lost my hearing,” he said. As an artillery operator, he said he couldn’t wear earplugs because he had to be able to listen to commands.

Bishop moved to Belfast 27 years ago to be closer to his family. He has a daughter who lives in Rockport and another daughter in Brewer.