Continuing to flex their muscles on the mat, the Belfast Area High School wrestling team pinned down three final regular-season wins Jan. 23.

Belfast won three of four team matches for the day, losing only to Brewer by three points. Belfast beat host Mount Desert Island 69-12, downed Old Town 66-12, bested Woodland 75-0 and lost to Brewer 39-36.

The Lions, who will compete in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championship meet on Saturday, Jan. 30 in Augusta, finished the regular-season dual-meet season 20-5. BAHS is the two-time defending state, regional and league champion.

The individual Lion results from the Jan. 23 meet were:

103 pounds — Evan Drinkwater, Bel, won by injury default over Jonathan Sargent, MDI; pinned A. Charalambous, Brew, at 3:56; and won by forfeit over Woodland. Belfast forfeited to Old Town.

112 pounds — Derek Philbrook, Bel, won by forfeit over MDI; and pinned Jordan Hoxie, OT, at 0:22. Jordan Young, Bel, won by forfeit over Brewer and Woodland.

119 pounds — Tremmil Groene, Bel, pinned Josh Silva, MDI, at 4:12. Young, Bel, won by forfeit over Old Town. D. Philbrook, Bel, was pinned by Anthony Sprigg, Brew, at 0:54; and won by forfeit over Woodland.

125 pounds — Winston Poole, Bel, won by default over MDI; was pinned by Robbie Kiah, Brew, at 2:45; pinned Julie Cookson, OT, at 1:58; and won by forfeit over Woodland.

130 pounds — John Seekins, Bel, pinned Elija O’Conner, MDI, at 0:35; beat Qasey Perry, Brew, 5-0; beat Kiowa Vickery, OT, 3-2; and won by forfeit over Woodland.

135 pounds — Jesse Kamienski, Bel, pinned Justin Lipkvitch, MDI, at 5:23; was pinned by Nick Dugas, Brew, 3:28; won by forfeit over Old Town; and beat L. Moores, Wood, 10-5.

140 pounds — Ethan Fitzjurls, Bel, pinned Chelsea Johnson, MDI, 1:28; pinned Joshua Parkhurst, OT, at 2:30; won by forfeit over Brewer; and pinned M. Carlee, Wood, at 1:12.

145 pounds — Dylan Bernosky, Bel, won by forfeit over MDI and Woodland; pinned Raymond Kepner, Brew, at 5:40; and pinned Andrea Perkins, OT, at 0:51.

152 pounds — Justin Philbrook, Bel, pinned Lucas Murphy, MDI, at 2:42; pinned Bryan Johnson at 2:46; and won by forfeit over Old Town and Woodland.

160 pounds — Forrest Boynton, Bel, was pinned by Trevor Porter, Brew, at 2:00; beat Justin Libby, OT, 7-2; and won by forfeit over Woodland. Lyndon Whitcomb, Bel, beat Elias Burne, MDI, 11-6.

171 pounds — Richard York II, Bel, was pinned by William Shepard, MDI, at 0:48; and was pinned by Robert MacDonald, OT, at 1:42. Whitcomb, Bel, was pinned by Cody Noyes, Brew, at 1:03; and pinned T. Linton, Wood, at 0:23.

189 pounds — Peter Kelley, Bel, won by forfeit over MDI; beat S. Soucy, Brew, 9-6; pinned Trevor Neal, OT, at 3:08; and pinned N. Lewey, Wood, at 3:32.

215 pounds — Belfast lost by forfeit to Colton Strout, MDI; Marcus Eaton, Brew; and Lee Larry, OT.

285 pounds — Justin Boyle, Bel, won by forfeit over MDI and Woodland; lost to Kevin Shaefer, Brew, 11-10; and pinned N. Robertson, OT, at 1:16.

Two independent wrestlers from Bangor also faced off against Belfast. The results were:

171 pounds — Whitcomb, Bel, was pinned by V. Irwin, Ban, at 0:26.

285 pounds — Belfast lost to A. Irwin, Bangor, by forfeit.

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