What was originally set to be the Penobscot Bay YMCA’s first indoor-outdoor triathlon to help people get moving in the cold Maine winter months has now become a reach out event in an effort to raise money for Haiti.

The Snowman TrYathlon, the original event, was set to take off on Saturday, Feb. 6 at the YMCA’s Union Street location in Rockport. The event was to consist of an indoor swim, 30-minute stationary bike portion and an outdoor 5-kilometer run.

Now, Sandy Bodamer, coordinator of the original and new event, as well as the YMCA’s fitness center director, said that after the disastrous recent earthquake in Haiti, those at the YMCA felt the need to step up. “There’s a Y in Haiti that was destroyed,” Bodamer said.

From there, Try for Haiti was created.

The Try for Haiti will take place inside the YMCA on the same day that the original event was to take place, Saturday, Feb. 6 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will still be the original swim, biking and 5K part of the event, however, one does not have to do all three and the 5K has been moved to become an indoor 5K event run on the indoor track. People will also have the option to participate in fitness classes.

Bodamer said the YMCA’s instructors will donate their time for the event.

Jump roping and other activities will be on the schedule for the day.

There is a $25 fee and free t-shirts for the first 50 registrants will still be handed out. All money goes to Haiti.

“We want to make it doable for anyone who can walk, swim, bike, etc,” Bodamer said of the Feb. 6 event. “You don’t have to be an athlete.”

For more information, call 236-3375 or visit the YMCA website at penbayymca.org.

Originally, in an effort to get people moving and help beat the winter blues, the YMCA was to hold its first annual Snowman TrYathlon on Saturday, Feb. 6. In shifts of 16 people at a time, individuals and teams were to swim a half-mile in the YMCA pool and then bike for 30 minutes on a stationary bike at a set resistance for all pedalers. Once the indoor portion of the “triathlon” was complete, the event was to move outside for the 5K.

The only timed events during that original triathlon were to be the swimming and 5K portions, although participants must have been on the stationary bikes for 30 minutes.

The event has been scheduled during the same weekend as the National Toboggan races in hopes of attracting more people.

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