The previous few days were busy for high school girls and boys basketball teams from around the area as plenty of games dotted both Friday and Saturday as the end of the regular season looms.


Mount View 52, Maine Central Institute 44 … At Pittsfield Friday, Jason Hughes led the visiting Mustangs with 12 points and 10 rebounds and Dylan Keller added 10 points and 11 assists to pace the Thorndike-based Mustangs.

Mount View (13-3, 97.2222 Heal Points) is fourth in Eastern Class B and the Huskies of Pittsfield (6-10, 23.7654 points) 15th. Camden Hills (15-1) is first in the 19-team region.

On Friday, the Mustangs led at the end of the first quarter 14-12, but lost the second 26-22 and tied the third 32-32.

Also for the Mustangs, Michael Cochrane scored 12 points, followed by Colby Blanchard nine; Erick Neally, seven; and Zach Babin, two.

For MCI, Craig Reazor led with 16 points, followed by Nick Cook with 12 points; Maloon, seven; J. Hunt, six; Patterson, two; and T. Hunt, one.

Islesboro 81, Seacoast Christian 62 … At Islesboro Saturday, led by Jason Hatch with a whopping 40 points, the Eagles defeated Seacoast Christian by a 19-point margin.

Islesboro (7-7, 21.1210 points) is 10th in Western Class D, while Seacoast (5-10, 10.3175 points) is 12th. Richmond (14-1) is first in the region.

On Saturday, Seacoast took the first quarter 18-14, but the Eagles rallied to lead 39-31 and 62-50 at the close of the second and third stanzas.

Also for Islesboro, D.J. Johnson scored 21 points, followed by Gerard Scherr with eight; Max Mahan, five; and Arthur Govoni, four.

For Seacoast, Jay Archer scored 24 points, followed by Jon Gould with 10; Caleb Gould, nine; Jeff Odess, five; Chaz Kerrigan, Luke St. Pierre and Mark Towne, four; and Austin Minnon, two.

Islesboro was 18-of-27 (67 percent) from the foul line, while Seacoast Christian was 10-of-14 (71 percent).

Penobscot Valley 75, Searsport 39 … At Howland Saturday, the Vikings fell to the Howlers in their second to final game. Despite the loss Viking coach Brad Cook was proud of his team. “Our guys played really hard and I saw some nice things defensively from our younger players in the second half,” he said.

Searsport (5-12) trailed Penobscot Valley (9-7) at the quarter breaks 24-10, 42-15 and 55-30. The Vikings are 16th (15.7407 points) in Eastern Class C. Penobscot Valley is seventh (38.7346 points). Calais (15-1) is first in the region.

For the Vikings, Rocky Faunce led with 12 points, followed by Shane Seekins and Evan Kingsbury both eight; and Dillan Moody, five; Buddy Ellis, Allen Connor and James Seekins two. James Seekins hurt his ankle early in the game.

Jacob Jones paced the Howlers with 32 points, followed by Joe McCloskey with 12; Ryan Scopino, eight; Adam Callendar and Tyler Speed, six; David Hallet, four; and Adam Brown two.

From the free-throw line, Penobscot Valley went 10-of-18 (56 percent) and Searsport made both shots.

Valley 48, Vinalhaven 45 … At Bingham Saturday, after a close game with exchanged leads, Vinalhaven fell to the Cavaliers by three points. Vinalhaven led after the first quarter 11-10, but Valley took a 23-22 edge after two stanzas. The Vikings clawed to a 32-31 advantage after three quarters.

Vinalhaven (9-6, 55.2393 points) is sixth and Valley second (10-6, 69.0131 points) in Western Class D. Richmond (14-1) is ranked first in the region.

For the islanders, Nathan Hopkins led the Vikings with 19 points, followed by Steven Osgood with 14; Dana Tolman, seven; Brian Stanley, three; and Bobby Beckman, two.

For Valley, Cam Miller scored 23 followed by Wade Caleb, eight; Chris Bean, seven; Nathan Schultz, five; Josh West and Seth Stevens, two; and Carrington Miller, one.

Vinalhaven made 12-of-25 free throws (48 percent).


Mount View 35, Maine Central Institute 13 … At Thorndike Friday, Chrissy Larrabee and Lauren Smith led the winners with nine points each. The Mustangs led 4-3, 17-8 and 24-9 at the breaks.

The Mustangs (7-9, 34.0432 points) are 12th in Eastern Class B, while MCI (3-13, 7.0370 points) is 17th. Mount Desert Island (15-2) is ranked number one in the region.

Also scoring for the Mustangs were Anna Piotti with seven points, followed by Delainey Kein, five; Channing Murphy and Janelle Thornley, both two; and Hayleigh Kein, one.

For the Huskies, Kitchen scored five points; Alton, four; Hughes, two; and Houston and Morrell, both one.

Seacoast Christian 38, Islesboro 17… At Islesboro Saturday, after trailing for three quarters, Islesboro fell by 11 points.

Islesboro (2-13, 1.2500 points) is ranked 15th and Seacoast (6-9, 25.7966 points) seventh in Western Class D. Vinalhaven (13-2) leads the region.

Seacoast Christian led 16-3, 22-6, and 30-10 at the breaks.

Lindsay Durkee keyed the Eagles with nine points, followed by Zoe Klewin with four; and Allana Govoni and Ally Craig, both two.

For Seacoast, Harris and Towne both had 14 points, followed by Kirin DeSmith, Rebekah Jardine, Amberle Bennett, Jennifer English and Emily Hall with two each.

From the free-throw line, Islesboro went 2-of-4 (50 percent) and Seacoast 2-of-2 (100 percent).

Penobscot Valley 56, Searsport 35 … At Howland Saturday, Viking senior Olivia Quigley continued her stellar season by scoring a game-high 25 points, but the Howlers won. At the quarter breaks, the Howlers led 15-6, 24-16 and 40-19.

Searposrt (3-14, 12.9012 points) is 17th in Eastern Class C, while Penobscot Valley (2-14, 4.9383 points) is 19th in the region. Foxcroft Academy of Dover-Foxcroft (13-3) is first.

Also scoring Searsport were Sara Bradshaw with four points, followed by Katherine Cotter with three; Brooke Bagley, two; and Megan Parker, one.

For the Howlers, Taylor netted 13 points; Leveille and Leonard, both 12; Crawford and Hallett, four; Theriault, three; Pelletier, Mackin, Vanadestine and Michaud all two.

Islesboro 32, Highview Christian 5 … In a scrimmage Friday, Islesboro grabbed a win over Highview Christian. The Eagles led 13-0, 17-5 and 21-5 at the quarter breaks.

For the Eagles, Lindsay Durkee, Allana Govoni and Ally Craig led with eight each, followed by Zoe Klewin and Aven Howell, both three; and Caitlin Small, two. Howell also had 19 rebounds and five steals.

For Highview, Anita Allard scored five points.

Islesboro went 4-of-17 (24 percent) from the foul line, while Highview was 1-of-2 (50 percent).

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