Opera House owners Francis Owen and Cara Guerrieri, were surprised earlier this week to learn that a group planned to buy their building.

Guerrieri said the Hayford Block, in which the Opera House is located, “isn’t under contract, it’s not on the market, and there have been no formal or informal talks about purchasing it in a long time.”

On Jan. 29, the Belslow Group sent out a press release announcing plans to buy the Hayford Block and renovate the Opera House as a 700-seat performing arts venue. Spokesman Chris Groden said the group planned to raise the money to buy the building and do a phased renovation of the main hall.

Guerrieri said she met with members of the Belslow Group two years ago — though they weren’t working under that name at the time — and has received occasional e-mails from the group, including the Jan. 29 press release.

“People come along all the time,” Guerrieri said. “A couple weeks ago someone wanted to start a natural history museum. There was a group that wanted to do dinner theater last spring.

Recently, Guerrieri said, she was approached by an organization that wanted to screen live broadcasts of operas in the space. Another group wanted to do a summer camp for opera singers. “These guys took us out to lunch and bought us books on opera,” she said. “… These guys from New York.”

A well-known musician showed an interest in the space. “But his was just a vision, too,” she said.

Guerrieri didn’t rule out working with Belslow Studios, but said the Opera House has drawn a lot of attention over the years. Only once did they get an offer on the building. “We try to talk to people with a grain of reality, because it’s not an easy project,” she said.

Guerrieri said VillageSoup’s characterization of the 19th-century hall as “derelict” was misleading. When she and Owen bought the building 14 years ago, she said, it was possible to see daylight through gaps in the brick walls. The third floor, now office spaces, was “unusable.” In the intervening years, she said, they have done a substantial amount of renovation to the space.

“It’s a fascinating building to own,” she said. “It does spark people’s imagination.”