It was a remarkable and highly successful day on the mat on many fronts for Midcoast high school wrestling teams and individuals Saturday at the Eastern Class B championships.

In a meet at Maine Central Institute, Camden Hills figured to be the odds-on favorite to win the regional crown after a dominating performance the previous weekend at the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championships in Augusta.

While last year’s state champions from Belfast made a run at the Windjammers, Camden Hills ultimately had 12 grapplers qualify for the state competition — five of whom returned with individual regional championships — which helped the red and white from Rockport claim the regional team championship.

It is the first regional crown for Camden Hills since 2007, when the the Windjammers last won the state Class B championship. Belfast has won the league, regional and state competitions for the past two seasons. The two local squads seem to hand those crowns off to each other every few years.

The ‘Jammers, after winning the KVAC title last weekend, look to go for the trifecta at next week’s state Class B championship meet at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro.

The team scores from the regional meet were: Camden Hills 221.5, Belfast 155, Caribou 129, Ellsworth 106.5, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 98.5, Medomak Valley 94.5, Old Town 66, Hermon 61, Mount View of Thorndike 29, Sumner of East Sullivan and Georges Valley 18, Mount Desert Island 7 and Central 3.

When the dust had settled Saturday, five Windjammers, three Lions and two Panthers had brought home individual regional titles. Camden Hills saw 12 wrestlers qualify for the states, while Belfast had nine Lions move on. Additionally, five Medomak Valley grapplers and one Mount View mat athlete earned spots in the upcoming state meet.

A breakdown of those who placed for each Midcoast school at Saturday’s regional event (the top four grapplers in each weight class advance to the states) were:

Camden Hills — Coleman Powers (1st at 103 pounds), Zac Fields (1st at 130), Brandon Rich (1st at 140), R.J. Muir (1st at 152), Jacob Powers (1st at 160), Calan Bragg (2nd at 119), Tom Cassidy (2nd at 125), Brandon Graffam (2nd at 189), Rhett Chase (3rd at 215), Max Bragg (3rd at 135), Neal Harrison (4th at 145) and Anthony Batty (4th at 171). The Powers’ are brothers.

Belfast — Jordan Young (1st at 112 pounds), Brent Waterman (1st at 119), Justin Boyle (1st at 275), Evan Drinkwater (2nd at 103), John Seekins (2nd at 130), Justin Philbrook (4th at 152), Forrest Boynton (4th at 160), Peter Kelley (4th at 189) and Winston Poole (4th at 125),

Medomak Valley — Steven Genthner (1st at 145), Trevor Neilson (1st at 171), Stefan Nicholls (3rd at 125), Cheyenne Augustine (4th at 119) and Taylor Olsen (4th at 140).

Mount View — Tristan Ripley (2nd at 160).

Independent wrestler Phil Kyser of Georges Valley placed second at 135 and will advance to the states. He practices with Medomak Valley, but competes for the Bucs.

Along with their regional titles, Genthner, Rich and Jacob Powers reached milestones, as Rich and Powers earned their 100th career victories at the meet. Rich earned the century mark on his first match of the day — a pin off Mount Desert Island’s Chelsey Johnson — while Powers earned his 100th win over Mount View’s Tristan Ripley in the championship round.

Genthner, who also reach the 100-win plateau a few weeks ago in a match at Mount Ararat in Topsham, broke the school career win record Saturday. Genthner entered the day with 107 wins and broke the record of former Panther Randy Simmons, who had 108 victories, in his second match of the day — a pin of Camden Hills’ Harrison. Genthner won one more match Saturday and stands at 110 for his career.

Individual results of Midcoast grapplers during Saturday’s meet were:

103 pounds — C. Powers, CH, received a first-round bye; won by technical fall over Michael Selander, Car, 17-1; and pinned Drinkwater, Bel, at 2:24 in the championship final. Powers finished first.

Drinkwater, Bel, pinned Jon Sargent, MDI, at 1:26; pinned Alex Petersen, Her, at 3:46; and was pinned by C. Powers, CH, at 2:24 in the championship final. Drinkwater finished second.

112 pounds — Young, Bel, received a first-round bye; pinned Jordan Hoxie, OT at 0:09; and beat Brandon Gonclaves, Ells, 3-0 in the championship final. Young finished first.

119 pounds — Waterman, Bel, pinned Marissa Cox, MtV, at 0:26; pinned Augustine, Med, at 4:41; and beat C. Bragg, CH, 9-0 in the championship final. Waterman finished first.

C. Bragg, CH, pinned Josh Silza, MDI, at 1:04; pinned Dustin Green, Car, at 1:54; and lost to Waterman, Bel, 9-0 in the championship final. Bragg finished second.

Augustine, Med, pinned Alexis Lodge, Cen, at 5:21; was pinned by Waterman, Bel, at 4:41; pinned Silva, MDI, at 3:27; and was pinned by Green, Car, at 2:15 in the consolation final. Augustine finished fourth.

125 pounds — Cassidy, CH, beat Nicholls, Med, 8-4; pinned Poole, Bel, at 0:59; and was pinned by Brendan Wood, Car, at 5:57 in the championship final. Cassidy finished second.

Nicholls, Med, lost to Cassidy, CH, 8-4; won by technical fall over Gaspie, MDI, 15-0; pinned Josh Devou, Her, at 0:17; and pinned Poole, Bel, at 2:09 in the consolation final. Nicholls finished third.

Poole, Bel, pinned Jon Gaspie, MDI, at 1:41; was pinned by Cassidy, CH, at 0:59; pinned Julie Cookson, OT, at 0:38; and was pinned by Nichols, Med, at 2:09 in the consolation final. Poole finished fourth.

130 pounds — Fields, CH pinned Katie Ford, Ells, at 0:57; pinned Elijah O’Conner, MDI, at 1:08; and pinned Seekins, Bel, at 1:01 in the championship final. Fields finished first.

Seekins, Bel, pinned Josh Savoy, MtV, at 0:35; pinned Ryan Gamblin, MCI, at 2:48; and was pinned by Fields, CH, at 1:01 in the championship final. Seekins finished second.

Savoy, MtV, was pinned by Seekins, Bel, at 0:35; and was pinned by Kiowa Vickery, OT, at 0:42.

135 pounds — Kyser, GV, pinned Sam Lounder, Ells, at 2:35; beat Lance Jandreau, Car, 7-4; and lost to Ryan Botting, Her, 15-5 in the championship final. Kyser finished second.

M. Bragg, CH, pinned Kyle Blaisdell, MCI, time unavailable; lost to Botting, Her, 11-5; pinned Jesse Kamienski, Bel, at 1:00; and lost to Jandreau, Car, in the consolation final. Bragg finished fourth.

Adam Lynch, Med, lost to Botting, Her, 6-4 ; pinned Blaisdell, MCI, at 4:33; and lost to Jandreau, Car, 8-2.

Kamienski, Bel, was pinned by Jandreau, Car, ime unavailable; pinned Sam Lounder, Ells, at 2:42; and was pinned by M. Bragg, CH, at 1:00.

140 pounds — Rich, CH, pinned Chelsea Johnson, MDI, at 0:20; pinned Ben Wildes, Ells, at 5:51; and beat Chris Ouellet, MCI, 9-2 in the championship final. Rich finished first.

Olsen, Med, was pinned by Wildes, Ells, at 5:56; pinned Johnson, MDI, at 0:41; pinned Ethan Fitzjurls, Bel, at 0:40; and lost to Wildes, Ells, 5-4 in the consolation final. Olsen finished fourth.

Fitzjurls, Bel, pinned Kory Pelletier, MtV, at 1:51; was pinned by Ouellet, MCI, at 3:08; and was pinned by Olsen, Med, at 0:40.

Pelletier, MtV, was pinned by Fitzjurls, Bel, at 1:51; pinned Josh Parkhurst, OT, at 3:34; and lost to Wildes, Ells, 12-5.

145 pounds — Genthner, Med, pinned Hunter Tibbetts, MCI (time unavailable); pinned Harrison, CH, at 1:54; and pinned Brandon Burgess, Her, at 1:19 in the championship final. Genthner finished first.

Harrison, CH, beat Jack Michaud, Car, 13-4; was pinned by Genthner, Med, at 1:54; beat Dylan Bernosky, Bel, 4-0; and lost to Dakota Jewett, Ells, 9-5 in the consolation final. Harrison finished fourth.

Bernosky, Bel, was pinned by Jewett, Ells, at 4:40; beat Jake Blanchette, MtV, 6-3; and lost to Harrison, CH, 4-0.

Blanchette, MtV, lost to Burgess, Her, 8-3; and lost to Bernosky, Bel, 6-3.

152 pounds — Muir, CH, pinned Jake Maher, Car, at 1:40; beat Dakota Hellum, Ells, 7-5; and beat Revelin Goeway, MCI, 9-6 in the championship final. Muir finished first.

Philbrook, Bel, was pinned by Ryan Grover, Sum, at 1:42; pinned Lucas Murphy, MDI, at 3:57; beat Hellum, Ells, 8-6; and was pinned by Grover, Sum, at 4:38 in th consolation final. Philbrook finished fourth.

Neal Young, GV, lost by technical fall to Hellum, Ells, 18-3; pinned Juniper Garvin, MtV, at 0:29; and was pinned by Jake Mahar, 0:55.

Garvin, MtV, was pinned by Goeway, MCI, at 0:13; and was pinned by Young, GV, at 0:29.

160 pounds — J. Powers, CH, pinned Dustin Willey, Her, at 1:09; pinned Justin Libby, OT, at 3:19; and beat Ripley, MtV, 7-1 in the championship final. Powers finished first.

Ripley, MtV, pinned Levi Bither, Car, at 1:13; pinned Britton Moholland, MCI, at 1:56; pinned Boynton, Bel, at 1:27; and lost to J. Powers, CH, 7-1 in the championship final. Powers finished second.

Boynton, Bel, defeated Wayne McKechnie, Ells, 3-0; was pinned by Ripley, MtV, at 1:27; defeated Dustin Willey, Her, 9-2; and lost by default to Moholland of MCI in the consolation final. Boynton finised fourth.

171 pounds — Neilson, Med, pinned William Shepard, MDI, at 0:55; pinned Batty, CH, at 1:12; and pinned Patrick Hapworth, MCI, at 3:30 in the championship final. Neilson finished first.

Batty, CH, pinned Nick Michaud, Car, at 0:55; was pinned by Neilson, Med, at 1:12; pinned Robert MacDonald, OT, at 4:36; and fell to Michael Phillappon, Ells, 11-9 in the consolation final. Batty finished fourth.

Richard York, Bel, pinned Jordan Fowler, MtV, at 0:53; was pinned by Hapworth, MCI, at 1:03; and was pinned by MacDonald, OT, at 1:31.

Fowler, MtV, was pinned by York, Bel, at 0:53; and was pinned by William Shepard, MDI, at 0:25.

189 pounds — Graffam, CH, pinned Krystopher Curtis, MtV, at 0:35; pinned Dylan Look, Med, at 5:49; pinned Matthew McGowan, Her, at 1:40; and was pinned by Deion Caudill, Car, at 2:57 in the championship final. Graffam finished second.

Kelley, Bel, was pinned by Caudill, Car, at 1:35; pinned Curtis, MtV, at 0:36; pinned McGowan, Her, at 2:50; and lost to Patrick Kidder, Ells, 9-3 in the consolation final. Kelley finished fourth.

Look, Med, was pinned by Graffam, CH, at 5:49; pinned Trevor Neal, OT, at 3:22; and was pinned by Kidder, Ells, at 4:03.

Curtis, MtV, was pinned by Graffam, CH, at 0:35; and was pinned by Kelley, Bel, at 0:36.

215 pounds — Chase, CH, pinned Colton Strout, MDI, at 0:18; pinned Garrett Poulin, MCI, at 5:34; was pinned by Lee Larry, OT, at 5:21; pinned Devan Fuller, MtV, at 0:51; and beat Poulin, MCI, 8-4 in the consolation final. Chase finished third.

Wyatt Roberts, Bel, was pinned by Larry, OT; and was pinned by Poulin, MCI, at 0:30.

Fuller, MtV, was pinned by Jared Sargent, Ells, at 1:25; pinned Nash Roy, Her, at 1:50; and was pinned by Chase, CH, at 0:51.

285 pounds — Boyle, Bel, pinned Mike Robinson, MtV, at 1:10; pinned Nate Tracy, Ells, at 3:01; and pinned Andrew Adams, Car, at 2:46 in the championship final. Boyle finished first.

Jeff Bailey, CH, was pinned by Brandon Jipson, OT, at 0:59; and lost to Tracy, Ells, 1-0.

Robinson, MtV, was pinned by Boyle, Bel, at 1:10; and was pinned by Maxwell Lindenburg, Her, at 0:51.

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