The following deed transfers were recorded from Jan. 28 and Feb. 4 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:

Arlo L. Redman III and Janey C. Knight to Lisanne M. Cirullo Revocable Trust

Belfast Pines LLC to Joan M. Anselmi

Elaine S. Kennedy Living Trust to Elaine S. Kennedy Living Trust

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, James L. Begley Jr., Cornelia M. Begley and Cornelia Mary Barbour to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Dawn M. Mulcahey and Jamie L. Mulcahey to Daniel J. Mulcahey

Robert N. Kenney to Robert N. Kenney and Shirley A. Kenney

Meda S. Libby Est. to Stephen J. Libby

Rodney A. Sienkiewicz to Rodney A. Sienkiewicz Living Trust

Scott Berenyi to K&D Berenyi LLC

James R. Houghton Trust to James D. Houghton and Nina B. Houghton

Melanie Champion to Merlon Lewis and Becky L. Lewis

Beneficial Maine Inc., Dena G. Perkins, Dena Doreen Grass and Dana A. Perkins to Beneficial Maine Inc.

Everett R. Keen to Everett R. Keen and Kenneth R. Keen

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Paul H. Chacon and Robin A. Chacon to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Rali 2005Q517, Jordan C. Lytton and Stacy L. Lytton to Rali 2005Q517

John J. Fennessey and Karen A. Fennessey to Owen A. Nelson

Kimberley M. Mills to Robin Barton

Jean E. Perkins to Stuart M. Perkins

Banc of America Funding 2007-6 Trust, Amanda G. Sawyer and Benjamin A. Sawyer to Banc of America Funding 2007-6 Trust

Shirley Peaslee to Christine L. Luce and Earland L. Luce

Donald White to Diana S. Sanderson

Robert Neil Kenney and Shirley Ann Kenney to Robert Neil Kenney and Shirley Anne Kenney

Eric W. Thompson and Robyn L. Thompson to Christopher M. Anglin De Los Casto and Rachael L. Anglin

Beulah Colby to David Thanhauser

Robert F. Ryan to Elizabeth H. Wade and Timothy F. Wade

David K. Oliver to Maine Organic Farmers & Gardners Association

Thomas R. Martin and Shayleen M. Martin to Jeremy Martin and Mary C. Martin

Constance A. Spaulding and Albert W. Spaulding to Kayla N. Lynn

Roger R. Coolen to Roger R. Coolen and Sharon M. Coolen

Laurie A. Gilikson, Jeffrey Stover, Peter A. Stover and Michael D. Stover to Lee Stover

Linda Stover, Bruce E. Stover, Amanda L. Stover and William Stover to Lee Stover

Larry R. Curtis and Sharon L. Curtis to Sharon L. Curtis

Kenneth E. Harding Trust to Walter E. Harding

Walter E. Harding to Hazel M. Young

Frances M. Gerry to Ralph E. Norwood and Katrina A. Norwood

Donald W. Weston Est. to Theodora W. Weston